AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Important: Last Chance Ticket Sale

Photo by Kai Gradert

Our Last Chance Ticket Sale is next month, when we will sell all the remaining tickets for CREATION – AfrikaBurn 2024. Because of the popularity of our event and the vast number of creative contributors, all the preceding ticket sales have entirely sold out.

We, therefore, expect only about 250 General Sales Tickets to be available in the Last Chance Sale on 29 February at midday (South African Time). Based on the past ticket sales in December, we expect all these tickets to be sold online in under a minute. With the amount of enquiries we’ve been receiving, we’re also bracing ourselves for a lot of disappointed people who still need tickets after the leap year.

It might sound flippen’ dof to you that we don’t just add a few thousand more tickets to CREATION and keep selling tickets till we can’t sell any more … we certainly have the space at Quaggafontein to be as big as Black Rock City, but growing too big, too fast, means running the risk of upsetting the ratio of contributors vs spectators and this will dilute what makes AfrikaBurn the best Burn in the world (according to us… that is). We’re also a non-profit, so we don’t care about your money; we care about making sure you have a schweeet, life-changing experience in Tankwa Town.

What would we recommend you do if you find yourself at 12:02 pm on 29 February without a ticket to AfrikaBurn?

  • If you can afford it and absolutely have to be at CREATION, consider buying a Mayday Ticket now. A few of these tickets are left (at the time of writing), and you’ll know you have a proper ticket to CREATION today.
  • Ticket resales/secondary sales are currently open on Quicket. We usually find that these sales only start to pick up in the few weeks leading to the event when people change their minds about coming. Don’t be surprised if you only pick up a ticket a day or two before the gates open. Having said that, check back regularly, as even now, we are seeing tickets popping up from time to time on the Quicket resale platform.
  • Remember that the resale tickets are also sold as per their original purchase price – you won’t be able to pick up a Mayday ticket for a General Sales ticket price.
  • Resales CAN ONLY happen on Quicket because you need to change the name and details on the ticket.
  • Don’t buy AfrikaBurn tickets from any other platform. There are some weird-ass under-18 instant download concession tickets on Viagogo now, which don’t even exist as a ticket type. You’re just throwing your money away.
  • Please don’t contact the org, info@, or tickets@ with ticket requests. All the different, subsidised, etc., tickets for 2024 have sold out. We’re super sorry, but we can’t help you.
  • Put it out there into the AfrikaBurn community. We always find that if someone is super keen to attend the Burn, they always find a ticket that is going begging; you just have to ask around! (but don’t ask Viagogo)
  • Subscribe to all our comms channels and wait for tickets to be announced for 2025.

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  1. Hi…I haven’t ever been to AB but a lot of friends are regulars…right from the very beginning…I’ll have to try to work out how this all works…but…question…I have 2 friends…sort of neighbour’s…both with 2 tickets…ie 4 altogether…and offered them to me because the 4 of them can’t go…I only want 2…but my other friends…the old Burners told me it doesn’t work like that…is that so…?

    1. I’m not sure how it works but I will purchase 1 of those tickets off you if possible ? Thanks a lot.

    2. Hi Mike I need one ticket. I am an old friend of your folks. I have transport up there and will be joining up with friends.

  2. “we don’t care about your money; we care about making sure you have a schweeet, life-changing experience in Tankwa Town” Yes!
    There’s been so much talk about “making the Burn hard again” but I don’t see it that way. It’s about reconnecting with the essence of the Burn ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
    The theme of Creation is so perfect for that… You can’t throw money at the experience, you (yes, you!) have to CREATE it
    So… Let’s make the Burn real again and honour the life experiences of so many who live everyday with temporary shelter and “carry everything with you” and all that.
    Stop being such sparkle ponies
    This is AFRICA 🌍 en hulle weet nie wat ons weet nie 😂😂😂

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