AfrikaBurn Supplier Process 2023

Tankwa Town is a decommodified space, and all who come through the gate are encouraged to participate in both the work and the play. Our Supplier Process has been designed to facilitate projects and suppliers on site in a way that aligns as far as possible with the guiding principles of the Burn.

How do you know if you are a supplier, or if you need to register your supplier?

Suppliers are companies who have clients hiring items for the AfrikaBurn event which are to be delivered and/or set up onsite in the Tankwa Karoo at the event site.

Suppliers & Plug & Play Scenarios:

Outsourcing the effort by having paid staff to set up a camp completely, sidesteps fundamental aspects of a burn, diluting the ethos and point of the exercise…if you’re doing this, you’re denying yourself the full experience and stand a good chance of being prevented from setting up a camp of a similar nature in the future.

Please help support the culture of AfrikaBurn – don’t engage in “plug and play” scenarios. At AfrikaBurn, there’s no ‘someone else’ that builds Tankwa Town: every person is expected to build, clean and then break down their camp.

Participants providing Plug and Play camping may forfeit their right to return to Tankwa Town again. Suppliers supporting or servicing plug and play camps will face hefty penalties, including the forfeit of their deposit and/or access to the event in the future.

Services prohibited at the AfrikaBurn Event:

No supplier is allowed to provide showers at the AfrikaBurn event. AfrikaBurn attendees are expected to build their own shower if this is something they’d like to have as part of their camp.




The official AfrikaBurn suppliers list:

All Suppliers who register with AfrikaBurn (sign the contract and pay the fees associated with providing a service at AfrikaBurn) will appear on the official AfrikaBurn suppliers list. Each Supplier will be graded in accordance with their interaction with AfrikaBurn both before, after and during the event. The grading categories are as follows:

  • In good standing
  • Able and willing to adapt
  • Diligent first timer
  • Absolute beginners 

The official AfrikaBurn supplier list is in place to ensure that Burners are able to check that their supplier has followed the correct procedures in order to gain access to the event site. If a supplier’s name does not appear on the Official AfrikaBurn Suppliers list – there is a good chance they will not be able to access the event site, and Burners may find themselves without the equipment/infrastructure they ordered.


What are the costs associated with being a registered supplier onsite?

Refundable Deposit: R5000 (paid back if you comply with the full AfrikaBurn supplier process) by Wednesday 31st May 2023.

Supplier Pass (includes Work Access pass): R2199 VAT included for each crew member. Allows your crew to be onsite for the duration of the event and to enter multiple times.

Refundable 1 day single entry pass. (Includes Work Access Pass): R3000 VAT included. Allows your crew onsite for up to 12 hours depending when you arrive. This will be refunded upon exit provided you exit by 19h00 on the same day that you arrive and regardless of the time you arrived. i.e. if you arrive at 18h00, you only have until 19h00 before you have to leave. If you remain onsite after 19h00 you will forfeit your refund. The Supplier gate is only open from 07h00 – 19h00. You are only allowed to enter the event site once on this pass. If you need to enter the event site more than once, then you need to purchase a multiple entry Supplier pass for R2199.

5% Supplier Support Charge: Suppliers will apply a 5% Supplier Support surcharge to their invoices for clients hiring items for the AfrikaBurn event which are to be delivered and/or set up for them. This fee will be passed on to AfrikaBurn.

PLEASE NOTE: In recognition of their creative contribution, AfrikaBurn will waive the 5% surcharge for equipment being provided to registered creative projects. This would apply to items vital to the project only, and only where the project is not supporting a plug and play scenario.

Approved projects will receive a unique registration code to pass on to their Supplier/s, which serve to confirm that AfrikaBurn has agreed to waive the surcharge. AfrikaBurn will validate the registration codes you provide on your inventory list. This will happen on an ongoing basis once you start to populate your inventory list.

Please be aware that simply registering a project does not guarantee your client will get a code.

Vehicle Pass: R300 per vehicle entering the event site. Only charged once per vehicle.

Compulsory briefing (your company only needs to attend one briefing)

Briefing 1: TBC


Briefing 2: TBC

If AfrikaBurn deems it necessary to have a one-on-one meeting with your company in addition to the group briefing, they will be in touch with you to arrange this meeting. Failure to attend this second meeting may result in your registration being revoked.

What are the steps to be taken by a company wishing to become an official AfrikaBurn supplier?

  • Step 1: Register your company as a Supplier (Deadline: Friday 31 March 2023) 
  • Step 2: Sign the supplier contract & pay the R5 000 refundable deposit via Quicket. Once this is done, your name will appear on the official Suppliers list together with a grading deemed appropriate by AfrikaBurn (deadline: Friday 31 March 2023). 
  • Step 3 & ongoing: AfrikaBurn will provide you with your own unique online inventory Google sheet. On an ongoing basis, as a registered supplier you are required to actively populate/amend this inventory list as and when you sign up a new AfrikaBurn client. This will determine the 5% surcharge which needs to be paid to AfrikaBurn.

    NB: Please ensure you check your inventory list regularly as AfrikaBurn will validate the registration codes you provide which determines which client’s have the 5% supplier support charge waived. 

  • Step 4: Collect the Name, Surname and ID number of the Crew who will require access to the event site and purchase the correct ticket type (as per the above description) for your crew. Please note: Your Crew will need to present their ID at the gate and the name on the ticket needs to match the name in their ID document. 
  • Step 5: Attend one of the supplier briefings. AfrikaBurn may require an additional one-on-one meeting with your company at a later stage and will contact you directly to make these arrangements. 
  • Step 6: Pay the 5% Supplier Support Charge via Quicket once the amount has been determined by the AfrikaBurn supplier team. This needs to happen before you arrive onsite.
    AfrikaBurn will review the inventory in two batches:

    Deadline 1: Wednesday 19 April 2023 by 17h00
    Deadline 2: Friday 21 April 2023 by 17h00
    All inventory arriving on site needs to be accounted for and the 5% surcharge needs to have been paid on the items entering the event site at that point.

    Orders taken after 23 April 2023 will be billed on an adhoc basis and will need to be settled onsite (card facilities available).  

  • Step 7: Heed the supplier code of conduct whilst onsite. This will ensure that your full R5000 deposit is refunded.

What happens when a supplier arrives onsite?

All AfrikaBurn admin needs to have been signed and paid prior to arrival onsite. Admin which is incomplete or unpaid will result in delays at the AfrikaBurn Supplier gate. Please note that the gate is only open from 07h00 – 19h00.

  • Every single member of your crew entering the event site needs to be in possession of a valid AfrikaBurn supplier pass (multiple entry pass/single entry pass).
  • The refundable deposit needs to have been paid and the AfrikaBurn contract needs to have been signed.
  • All inventory entering the event site needs to be accounted for, and the Supplier Support charge paid (except where the support charge has been waived).
  • One of the AfrikaBurn supplier team will accompany your crew to your camping spot, and check your inventory once you have unpacked. If there are any discrepancies between the inventory logged and the inventory brought onto site – the amount outstanding will need to paid at the Supplier gate. Please ensure that your inventory list is correct before arriving onsite.
  • AfrikaBurn reserves the right of admission. Any Supplier caught disregarding the Supplier Code of conduct could be evicted off site which will also result in the loss of their deposit. If a supplier is caught disregarding the code of conduct to a lesser degree, they could have money taken off their deposit.