AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

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Outreach & Development Mandate

The Outreach & Development Portfolio, within the framework of the 11 principles and AfrikaBurn policy, exists to:

  • organise, resource and fund efforts to aid communities that live in and around the areas of our operations; and
  • develop and oversee an open and transparent process for selecting projects to fund, disbursing those funds, monitoring how they are used and evaluating the impact of the contribution; and
  • assist projects with similar aims that are run by members of the AfrikaBurn community with guidance, resources and funding; and
  • build partnerships with organisations that have skills and resources that can help Outreach & Development to fulfill this mandate; and
  • build relationships with and seek funding and resources from donors and sponsors; and
  • promote diversity at AfrikaBurn and assist underprivileged artists with bringing their work to AfrikaBurn; and
  • facilitate and promote the uptake of Development work across the AfrikaBurn portfolios.

Ongoing Support & Development Programs

Outreach has supported the Elandsvlei Farm School for the last couple of years, assisting the 26 learners and staff with the following initiatives:

  • Subsidy for school feeding scheme for the learners, providing a hot meal each day for them
  • Border subsidy for older learners attending Ceres Schools
  • Donations for the AfrikaBurn community of books, clothing, PC’s and computer equipment, school furniture and playground material
  • Art projects involving volunteer Burners and the pupils, which we showcase at the AfrikaBurn event and at the annual Decompression
  • Flights at the AfrikaBurn festival, where we arrange to give all the pupils a short flight around the event and a morning of activities at the event
  • Assisting with the build of a new hostel for the pupils at Elandsvlei Farm
  • Organising mobile clinics and dentists for the school on a regular basis, with AfrikaBurn volunteers
  • Donations from AfrikaBurn, including clothing, books, blankets and other materials
  • Donations of food for distribution by the Padstal from  the AfrikaBurn event and DPW
  • Assisting in the rebuild of the Padstal after the recent fire, and helping the Padstal team rebuild there lives. They are burners and an important part of our community
  • Assisting with the build of the new Community Center for the Tankwa Community
  • Donations of solar lighting, distributed by the Padstal on our behalf
  • Participating and assisting in the Donkey Weekend for the Tankwa Community
  • Arranging the Donkey Weekend at the Padstal in conjunction with the Carthorse Association: donations and efforts helped 35 donkeys get new harnesses and bridles, and also support for the people who own them
  • Helped to arrange a donkey sanctuary for retired donkeys in the Tankwa area
  • Donations and transportation of lucerne for the Carthorse Association
  • We have secured supplies of solar panels and lighting which we distribute to disadvantaged members of the Tankwa community
  • Donations of solar lighting rigs to Elandsvlei School and Padstal
  • Global Wheeling has initiated and runs this project, Outreach helps to transport the unclaimed bikes to founder Kayden Kleinhans’ workshop and provides donations towards repairs. The object is to fix and redistribute broken bicycles from the AfrikaBurn event.
  • Marissa from Burning Mail (one of the oldest theme camps at AfrikaBurn) has offered her help utilising her resources and network, focusing on Tankwa schools and Observatory Primary School.
  • Ideas include a mail and correspondence between the pupils at the schools, teaching and stationary donations.
  • Outreach runs a stand for donations at the ParkOff event where we then distribute the items of clothing and books to the Tankwa community.
  • Sponsorship of musicians at the ParkOff
  • Outreach also runs a stand at the annual Decompression event, showcasing the art work projects from the Elandsvlei school and creating awareness for the Outreach program
  • We have provided stationery and assistance in printing copies of the comic books. We also plan to offer in distribution of the comics at ParkOff and the Observatory Open Streets events.
  • We help with the transport of bands from previously disadvantaged communities to and from the AfrikaBurn event
  • Outreach has provided donations and assistance to bands and musicians for the Afrikaburn event each year, focusing on groups who share and contribute to the Afrikaburn community
  • Outreach has assisted in the building a stage and supplies for bands at the Smithfield Arts Festival
  • We have assisted Charles Palm with his community creative projects planned for Pniel in the Western Cape.
  • Outreach has organised a cooperative project for discounted supplies from Build It Tableview for AfrikaBurn projects and projects in the Tankwa community.
  • Outreach has sponsored clothing and supplies for the OBS Open Streets day in Dec each year
  • Outreach, along with AfrikaBurn, is helping to organise and improve the OBS Open Streets festival each year, with our resources, donations and marketing
  • Outreach is supporting Mickey who runs a day-care and soup kitchen in Khayelitsha township, feeding over 150 people per day.
  • Outreach donations will be used for the building of a new shelter for the soup kitchen
  • Donations are being collected for books, sewing materials and other goods for Mickey
  • Outreach, along with many kind donations from the Burner community, have helped the Sheriff (a.k.a Wilhelm Du Plessis, a longstanding AfrikaBurn volunteer, an active member of Outreach projects and our Nansen Street Workyard Manager) to organise a new bionic leg
  • In support of the efforts the Sheriff for the AfrikaBurn community, Outreach has ensured that the Sheriff’s new leg is serviced and looked after though financial donations
  • Subsequently he was donated a full new sports leg, with a total value of both donations coming to R300 000. This cost to AfrikaBurn was R25 000. We would like to thank Anton Crous for his help, and Jacky Woolfson for her time and patience
  • Outreach has contributed food and medical supplies to the people at SADAWA Farm in the Tankwa Karoo
  • Outreach has also organized a jungle gym for the schoolkids on the farm
  • Outreach is busy with a project with Dreamfields to help build a football pitch for the Elandsvlei community, along with donations of tracksuits and kits for the teams
  • Outreach has supported and donated to the Tankwa Walk last month where Jacqueline Jacobs and 70 people walked the R355 in raising funds for the Elandsvlei school and community.  Wilhelm ‘Sherrif’ Du Plessis will walk with Jacqueline next year.  This will become a self sustaining event.
  • Outreach helps various AfrikaBurn artists with transporting goods and materials to and from Stonehenge from Cape Town, including the materials for Subterrafuge, DPW and Rangers
  • Outreach runs a table at AfrikaBurn raising awareness and facilitating donations for our various projects
  • Outreach has collected donations and money to help Khayamandi and Khayelitsha residents after devastating fires in 2012
  • Donations were distributed to the people via a burner initiative being run in the area.

Thanks go out to:

Our community advisers are Hein Lange, Henk van Niekerk, Jonathan Hoffenberg, Grier Schoeman, Up Rize (Willifred Danhouse), Conrad Lattimer and Robert Weinek. Lauri-Anne Jaques Veitch (also known as Dickie) is our financial adviser and whizkid.
Daniella Hooijemans, Sonica Kirsten, Sanet Kirstens, Adetola Okunlola, Helena Sheridan and Louw Sheridan are honorary volunteers.

For the latest projects, take a look at our Outreach Facebook page.

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During the challenges of the early 2020’s we opened new channels of funding and new ways to fundraise for outreach. Check out the Save the Clan project here, and donate to our NEAR wallet here

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