AfrikaBurn 2025: 28 April to 4 May

Spark Grants for CREATION

Tree of Stories burning

In 2023 our Guiding Principles were sparked through murals, a composting waterless toilet, environmental projects, art and culture workshops and many more!

What are Spark Grants?
Designed to kickstart projects that positively influence and empower our communities in South Africa. The grants exist to continue the culture of AfrikaBurn in the default world.

How do they work?
AfrikaBurn is offering grants of up to R10 000; to spark a project that advances our guiding principles in the default world.
Anyone who participated in CREATION (AfrikaBurn 2024) can apply for a Spark Grant.
To complete this application, you will need an ID or passport number, cell phone number and email address.

Only participants from CREATION can apply.
Projects need to take place within the Republic of South Africa.
Applicants must have an active role in the project applied for.
All projects are ordinarily to be completed between 1 August 2024 and 31 January 2025.
Spark Grants can not be used for salaries, fees or stipends.
Successful applicants will be required to sign a grant agreement and account for their expenditure.
Previous recipients may not apply for continuation funding.

Application deadline: 28 June 2024 12h00 (GMT+2)

Click here to apply

AfrikaBurn is under no obligation to disburse funds

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