AfrikaBurn 2025: 28 April to 4 May

AfrikaBurn Refund Policy and Event Disclaimer

The below Refund Policy and Event Disclaimer is to be read in conjunction with all of AfrikaBurn’s policies, rules, terms and conditions, including:

Privacy Policy: here
Website Terms of Use: here
Event Rules Page: here

Refund Policy:

By purchasing this ticket, you agree to AfrikaBurn’s no-refund policy:

All sales of AfrikaBurn tickets and eTolls are final and no refunds will be issued for any reason. This will include:

  • if the event is terminated or cancelled due to harsh weather, acts of nature, government directions and/or regulations, or as a result of any other circumstance, including circumstances that are beyond AfrikaBurn’s control (force majeure); and/or
  • if you are unable to attend and participate at AfrikaBurn for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, any reason related to a communicable disease including COVID-19.

Most ticket types are fully transferable*, however, and may be resold for their face value including any taxes, but less any admin charges incurred.

Ticket resale is available via the official Quicket resale platform. AfrikaBurn does not guarantee the validity of any tickets purchased through other platforms or private sale, which is at your own risk.

The ticket is a revocable license to attend AfrikaBurn that may be revoked by AfrikaBurn for any reason, at any time. A revoked licence will not result in any refund whatsoever.

*non transferable tickets are: Anathi, Subsidised, and Pensioner Tickets.

Event Disclaimer:

Attendance at AfrikaBurn is entirely at your own risk. By attending AfrikaBurn you personally and voluntarily assume the following risks and responsibilities for yourself, and any minors or wards accompanying you to AfrikaBurn on a ticket purchased by you on their behalf:

  • risk of injury; serious injury or death; risk of damage; loss or destruction of personal property brought by you to AfrikaBurn (whether or not owned by you).
  • driving, flying to, or entering Quaggafontein for any reason whatsoever or using the airspace associated with the event.
  • you will comply with any direction given by AfrikaBurn medical personnel, which may include a direction to leave the event site in order to seek further medical care.

By attending AfrikaBurn, you acknowledge and agree that AfrikaBurn accepts no responsibility for, and you indemnify them against, damage or loss to your person or your property however caused, and you release AfrikaBurn from any claim arising from this risk and against any and all claims by third parties for injury, damage or loss sustained relating to your participation at AfrikaBurn or your breach of these or any AfrikaBurn policies or terms.

The AfrikaBurn event site ‘Tankwa Town’ is clearly demarcated. you are not permitted beyond the demarcated areas, without prior consent from an event official. AfrikaBurn reserves the right to revoke your licence to attend, and may ask you to leave the event if you are found to be trespassing. No access is allowed to any runway or aviation area at the event.

Mutant Vehicles, artworks, Theme Camps and performances are not owned or operated by AfrikaBurn and you therefore assume any and all risk of injury, death or loss associated with or arising from their operation or occurrence.

You are expected to insure all property brought by you to the event, whether or not you own such property. If you need medical treatment, or to be medically evacuated as directed by medical professionals, you will be expected to cover these costs and will need to have adequate medical insurance in place.

You must bring enough food, water, shelter, any chronic or prescription medication you need (which you commit to continue taking whilst onsite at AfrikaBurn) and first aid to survive for a week in a harsh environment. Commercial vending is prohibited, as are all weapons, firearms, flares, fireworks, rockets and other explosives. You agree to read and abide by all the rules contained in the, as well as all valid instructions from all event team members and professional service providers, and to follow national and local laws. This is a leave no trace, pack it in, pack it out event. You are required to keep Tankwa Town clean for the duration of the event, and expected to contribute at least two hours of general clean-up in addition to your own camp before departure.

You understand and agree that this event is a private event on private property where your use or creation of any intellectual property is subject to the ownership use rights of AfrikaBurn, or other attendees, and that promotional or commercial use of images, audio or video taken at the event, including media of people, objects and artworks and their use in print or social media, is prohibited without the prior written consent of AfrikaBurn.

You appoint AfrikaBurn as your representative to take actions necessary to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognising that AfrikaBurn has no obligation to take any action whatsoever.

All vehicles including trucks, trailers, caravans and recreational vehicles entering and exiting AfrikaBurn are subject to a search by the Gate Team. You consent to reasonable examinations and searches by authorised AfrikaBurn team members to ensure your compliance with laws and event rules, and acknowledge that illegal substances are not permitted at the event premises.

COVID-19 Policy:

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to follow COVID-19 protocols before, during and after AfrikaBurn. You agree not to attend AfrikaBurn if you have been exposed to COVID-19, and/or if you show any signs of COVID-19 symptoms, within 10 days of you entering the AfrikaBurn site.

You agree to follow all COVID-19 testing and screening requirements as stipulated by AfrikaBurn and/or the government, prior to and at AfrikaBurn and accept that you will not be admitted to the AfrikaBurn site if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Updated information on requirements can be found on:

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to keep yourself and your campmates up to date with regard to its implications, impacts and your required actions.

AfrikaBurn will not be held liable for any individual that contracts COVID-19 at AfrikaBurn, nor the consequences that follow.