Image credit: Reza Assar

Just as our community is made up of volunteers, so is the organisation that stages the annual AfrikaBurn event and related initiatives.

Who owns and controls afrikaburn?

AfrikaBurn is wholly owned by Africa Burns Creative Projects Non Profit Company (NPC). The company was registered on 24th July 2007 in South Africa and its registration number is 2007/020812/08.

What is a non-profit organisation?

Non‐profit organisations provide some public service or have some public purpose that goes beyond serving the personal interests of the members of the Non Profit Company (such as the promotion of the arts, promotion of libertarian values, social welfare, economic development, charity, education or research). AfrikaBurn’s purpose is described in its Memorandum of Incorporation which can be downloaded from this page.

Image credit: Reza Assar


Wanna know who’s helping with art, who’s holding the pursestrings, and who’s the best volunteer? 

Members and Directors

AfrikaBurn has a two-tiered governance structure comprised entirely of volunteers. Want to learn more or get involved?

History & Acknowledgements

AfrikaBurn has a storied and complex history with many moving parts and a host of superstars and legends. 

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