AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Image credit: Reza Assar

Just as our community is made up of volunteers, so is the organisation that stages the annual AfrikaBurn event and related initiatives.

Afrika Burns Creative Projects is incorporated as a Non Profit Company (NPC), registration number 2007/020812/08 and Public Benefit Organisation and exists:

  • To advance a culture of creativity: upholding and promoting freedom and diversity of expression, inclusive community building and volunteerism with the aim of fostering positive social change, which:
  • Creates a blank canvas to actualise and promote a wide spectrum of arts and culture in South Africa at and through the annual AfrikaBurn and other events;
  • Implements developmental, creative social outreach projects that uplift and include the marginalised and underprivileged;
  • Innovates and collaborates with local and international partners to foster cultural, skills and knowledge exchange in the AfrikaBurn community, the Burning Man Regional Network and beyond; and
  • Implements and supports projects which enrich education, provide bursary support, preserve and regenerate the planet and protect non-human life from abuse and degradation.

AfrikaBurn is a partial Section 18A public benefit organisation meaning it can offer tax certificates against donations to certain projects and programmes.

What is a public benefit organisation?

A registered non profit entity (company, trust or voluntary association) of which the sole or principal object is carrying on one or more public benefit activities, where –

  • all such activities are carried on in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic or philanthropic intent;
  • no such activity is intended to directly or indirectly promote the economic self-interest of any fiduciary or employee of the organisation, other than by way of reasonable remuneration payable to that fiduciary or employee; and
  • where each such activity carried on by that organisation is for the benefit of , or is widely accessible to, the general public at large, including any sector thereof (other than small and exclusive groups).

Image credit: Reza Assar


Wanna know who’s helping with art, who’s holding the pursestrings, and who’s the best volunteer? 

Members and Directors

AfrikaBurn has a two-tiered governance structure comprised entirely of volunteers. Want to learn more or get involved?

History & Acknowledgements

AfrikaBurn has a storied and complex history with many moving parts and a host of superstars and legends. 

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