AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Image credit: Alex Miles

AfrikaBurn will blow your hair back whichever way you choose to experience it. The more you do, the more fun you’ll have – guaranteed, because it’s a do-ocracy – a place where you’re welcome to start something, make something or do anything (within reason). Forget standing at the sidelines – jump in with both feet and get busy!

As a volunteer-driven event and organisation, AfrikaBurn offers many ways in which anyone can participate. A good starting point would simply to ask yourself what it is you’d like to do, and see where that skill or contribution would fit. Take a look at the following areas, find one that suits you, and then step up, rock up and prepare to have a lot of fun.

Sign up for event shifts here:

Yep, we have an airstrip, and it needs to be staffed by capable aircraft lovers. Sound like the thing for you?

Contact [email protected] for shift details. 

Artefactory? What the hell is that? It’s a place where we put all the arty artefacts and the singular pieces of strange history that have gotten us to where we are. It’s a really cool place to come to learn more about That Thing In The Tankwa. 


Working here means you’re the reception desk for arriving artists and theme camps, both registered and unregistered. You’d get to help them locate their designated spots (or find them one). This is a great way to meet the people that create the magic of Tankwa Town.

Arteria shifts will open soon

The large art structures erected at AfrikaBurn need many hands to bring them to life. Good with power tools, wood, metal or electricity? 

Art Volunteer shifts will open soon

Love the smell of LRP in the morning?! Why not hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly, a bumblebee or a unicorn? Come meet the builders, artists and creators, get to know them and be inspired to maybe build your own. So get on the highway, point yourself our way, DMV awaits.

DMV shifts will open soon

Our DPW are responsible for creating the key infrastructure of the event: roads, signage, toilets and much more. Like getting your hands dirty? Your skills will be put to good use working with the DPW.

In order to take on the role of being DPW crew volunteer, you’ll need up to five weeks free time out in the Tankwa Karoo.

Read more about DPW herehere and here. The form is on one of those pages – consider finding it the first part of your application process. 

When people arrive with Tankwa stars in their eyes, this is the crew that processes them and their tickets. It’s a great way to meet loads of people, and share in the stoke of arrival. Sound good? It is good.

You shall not pass! Because shifts are not open yet

This is a critical role, and ideal for those who can’t do any heavy lifting or labour, but are great at looking after those who do. Involves sweets, treats, shade and spritzers. Sound like something you’re into?


Bubbly? Enthusiastic? Fancy welcoming the citizens of Tankwa Town with a smile, song or dance? Perfect. Get to dress up and welcome, orientate and inform people as they arrive.

Shifts will open soon

Visit the Facebook Page

They dish out the coolest – and only – product sold in Tankwa Town. It’s a great way to meet people, and earn the undying admiration of thirsty and hot burners.

Ice shifts will open soon

Every year, behind the scenes, the hard working Kitchen Crew swings into action to keep the AB staff steady on their feet 24/7 by keeping them fed and well hydrated.  Even if you’re a kitchen novice, come and help prep, serve, and of course, clean up.  You’ll have a unique, behind the scenes, interactions with the folks from all over the world who make AB happen.


This one’s for those who love our desert enough to want to stay on, and experience it once the crowds have left – and help to make sure we really do leave no trace.

MOOP and Leave No Trace are TBC

Our Just In (e) booth is where all the missing things are collected. From lost cameras to lost minds, you can find it all here. Shifts involve manning the booth, receiving lost items and logging them and then reuniting people with found items.

Lost and Found shifts will open soon

The Tankwa Karoo is a pristine environment, but all the stuff that hits the ground has to be removed, and despite the fact that AfrikaBurn is a Leave No Trace event, some people don’t read – or sometimes forget – the manual. Which is when MOOP happens. (Matter Out Of Place)! Got some karma to work off?

MOOP and Leave No Trace are TBC

Be on hand to assist photographers, members of the media and independent film crews, to register on site and get a sense of how best to approach fellow Burners to request their photo be taken, or be filmed. Being an on-site mogul is a great way to meet people (and you get a prime position to watch the world go by).

No media booth in 2023 – find Brian at the RFT Caravan or Tim at the Bus.

We do a lot of outreach both during and outside of our event period, but there’s LOT to do during the event. Come help us do great things in the Tankwa and the rest of the world. 


Rangers aren’t the police or security, but rather there to make sure everyone has a good time and doesn’t get hurt. They’re active participants in the community, who promote awareness of what AfrikaBurn is all about and point out potential hazards. Rangers walk about, engage with the community and mediate where necessary.

So if you enjoy assisting others, guiding the odd burner through a difficult circumstance and generally enjoy keeping the peace, you’re Ranger material. But bear in mind you must be calm, flexible and have a sense of humour.

Meet up with Rangers here: Info & Training Page

Sign up for shifts here: TBC

Learn a little more about them herehereand even here.

It’s the place where anyone can go if they’re having a hard time, or feeling overwhelmed. If it’s a physical or psychological challenge people are facing and it’s too much too handle, our Sanctuary crew will be on hand to assist in a calm, peaceful space. And you’re welcome to join the team.

For info on Sanctuary (and a link to sign up, if you have the required skills), head here.

Voted ‘Most Satisfying Crew in 2022’, these are the peeps that roll around in the morning making sure that the loos are stocked and clean and ready to go!

It’s a SUPER fun few hours (especially on the days that we find deposits from the Gifting Fairies) and you get to rest easy in the knowledge that YOU have taken care of some shit for the day.

Throne Crew shifts will open soon

More about toiletsthrones and greywater.

Ever wanted to spend some time at the nerve centre, and encourage people to sign up for shifts and help burners volunteer for what they want to do to make this event what it is?

Volunteer volunteer shifts will open soon

Once we all get back from the desert and have shaken the dust out of our hair, then it’s normally time to gather again at our Decompression. However in 2022, there simply wasn’t capacity in the core operations and volunteer teams – so we’re looking for community members to take the 2023 Decompression to the next level. It’s supposed to be like a massive family picnic, with art and music and all the cool things you find in Tankwa Town. 

Interested in helping out? Want to launch the new Decompression? Mail [email protected] or mail [email protected] if you just want to help out.

If you’re looking for a theme camp, artwork or mutant vehicle crew to join, head over to our Community Directory page. It’s where a long list of registered projects is displayed – and many of them indicate that they’re open to new members or collaborators.

Click here to browse our Community Directory.

Our event and community are built on active participation. You’re welcome to raise your hand at any time and put yourself forward and get involved. Apart from our main annual event in the Tankwa Karoo, there are also others like Decompression and Streetopia where you could pitch in.

Visit the Portfolios Section for contact details and get in touch to find out how you can get involved in the organisation, or contribute to various ongoing projects. You’re also welcome to consider joining the organisation as a Member in order to provide oversight, guidance and input. Read up on how the organisation is managed, and how you can become a Member.

You can also fill out the Volunteer form online or email [email protected] and a volunteer coordinator will get back to you.

There are a bunch of other ways to unleash your imagination. So, if you plan on creating a Theme Camp, building an Artwork, bringing a Performance or driving a Mutant Vehicle around, we have loads of info about these:

Art & Performances

Been bitten by the art bug? Got an idea to get out, and a dream to chase?
Let’s get you started!

Theme camps

Keen to create a community space where anyone can collaborate and participate? Check out more of the available info here. 

Mutant vehicles

Art car? Mutant Vehicle? Mobile artwork? 
If it’s got a motor and you can’t lift it with your arms, you need to read here. 


Raising money for your project can be hard. We’ve put together a host of tips and tricks to assist you on your funraiser.

Media & Photography

If you’re looking to take photos or videos at the event, please read through the media guidelines, and consider registering.


Your gift should not be a reflection of, or associated with, your Default job. In Tankwa Town, nothing and no one is a product.