AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Image credit: Jonx Pillemer

With the AFRIKABURN members and directors building the vision for AfrikaBurn, it then takes a talented and hard-working team to turn those crazy ideas into reality.

Meet the current AfrikaBurn operations team below:

Antonia cronje (ANTONIUM)

Yard and Resource Manager, Department of Public Works Planning and Coordinating Lead

Antonia tries her utmost to keep the Junction Hotel Yard from being overrun with weeds and junk, she has some success in keeping AfrikaBurn’s janky fleet of donated vehicles running, and she can be found at times trying to spreadsheet, structure and systemize the various nefarious activities of DPW.

A world expert on vintage caravan repairs

Subhas Shah (Bash)

Department of Mutant Vehicles, Technology

DMV wrangler and grant admin in the streets, IT extraordinaire in the sheets.

Bash loves working with data, vehicles, beer, spreadsheets and creating governing processes in Membership. Bash also loves driving works of art from concept, to design stage, to logistics to build.

My mind is vrot and I cant think lekker.

Nokubonga Vusani (Bongi)

Office Manager, Event Operations Team Manager

Nokubonga is responsible for the day to day smooth functioning of the AfrikaBurn Headquarters and is also responsible for Operations Team support at the event. In one of her previous AfrikaBurn lives Bongi was part of the lost and found and now helps to make sure that nothing or no-one ever gets lost at AfrikaBurn.

Nokubonga knows EVERYTHING.

Dane Marrison

Executive Director of Operations

Dane is a chameleon born out of the dust and has arrived adorning the new hat of  operational responsibility. Dane is at AfrikaBurn to make a plan and get shit done. The fire builder; starter and extinguisher all in one.

Counting down the days until he spontaneously combusts and oh, what a Burn that will be.

Hannes Jakobs

Quagga Farm Manager, Tankwa Ninja

Horse whisperer, builder, permaculturist, mechanic, welder, plumber, father and all round ninja and tracker.

Best eyes in the Tankwa.

Isa Marques

Art and Performance Lead

[ˈi.zɐ ˈmaɾ.kɨʃ]  Read ‘Isa’ as in ‘She is a’ good friend; and if you have a creative project she’s YOUR best friend. Isa studied how to read epic literature in ancient Greek, but ended up knowing how to create epic art in the harsh Karoo. Isa also has a vast array of very talented friends that she keeps around to help with your creative projects. That’s mainly why we like her.

No Issa, no Aiza, no voice notes.

Jemma Moon Kruger

Head of Kitchen, Department of Public Works Human Resources Lead (bonus: aspiring DJ)

Jemma’s love for cooking and people combine perfectly in her two roles. A trained chef, and DPW die-hard, she loves hard work, isn’t afraid to tell you what’s what, and can often be found playing banging tunes of some sort for groups of people.

Don’t forget to wash your dishes.

Julia Savage

Gate and Ticketing Lead

Julia has worn many hats at AfrikaBurn over the last 10 years – Director, Ops Manager, and even the Volunteer Coordinator back in the day – but the one portfolio she gets the most joy from is managing the Gate and Box Office from ticket sales to entry into the event. Arrive at the Gate without your ticketing admin in order and you’ll experience the full wrath of Julia’s fury.

Arrive at the gate with all your ticketing admin in order and you’ll be greeted with a smile and possibly a pink gin and tonic!

Micaela Meyer (KaosCae)

Art Department Support

If organised chaos was a person, that person would be Micaela’s best friend (meaning she loves spreadsheeting just as much as she loves unbridled mayhem). If you’re an artist or a performer, she’s here to help you help yourself.

Fortunately she’s as passionate about putting out fires as she is about starting them.

Kristy Derbyshire

Operations Manager

Kristy is the driving force behind the entire operations team, making sure that all the different AfrikaBurn departments are working together in a semi-functional way. Kristy is the only person you ever want to call in a crisis – especially if that crisis happens in Tankwa Town and involves sunburn.

Failing that your only option is Ghostbusters or maybe your local skydiving club.

Lexy Hutchison

Theme Camp Coordinator

Lexy has spent the last few years deleting ticket requests and getting into debates about sound, cultural appropriation and how to not get your tyres eaten by the R355 on the Facebook groups. She is now here to bring that same energy to the Theme Camps team.

You will probably hear her before you see her.

Lorraine Tanner (Loz)

Executive Director of Development

With a superpower of invisibility (and a very important title), you’ll probably only get to meet Lorraine if something’s gone seriously well or seriously awry. Count yourself lucky you don’t know her … and very, very lucky if you do. She’s also the world’s worst DJ with the world’s best record collection, the latter being the only very reason we keep her around.

No music requests allowed.

Robert Weinek (Miss Nesbitt)

Tankwa Outreach Ambassador, Department of Mutant Vehicles

Robert is one of the OG (Original Grandma) founders of AfrikaBurn and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the AfrikaBurn Outreach projects and all things DMV. With the support of the petrol-swilling DMV crew Robert can often be found on top of, or underneath a mutant vehicle in Tankwa Town.

Robert also has greasy fingers in lots of AfrikaBurn committees and teams and can often be found dress shopping in upmarket Cape Town boutiques.

Myszka Fox (Myszka the Mouse)

Sanctuary Lead (curator of all things welcoming)

Once upon another time, Myszka was known as a Moop Police Activist, but these days Myszka the Mouse can be found creating an eclectic combination of supportive, cosy nesting spots and mind expanding spaces for community sharing, learning, reflecting and shaping.

Oh, and as a ‘Burn Lifer’, Myszka says AfrikaBurn is the best burn on the planet, Mouse guaranteed.

Brian Palmer (the Brain)

Communications Lead, Client Liaison

Brian is responsible for all things communications. When he’s not reading filthy bedtime stories on Radio Free Tankwa, he’s busy filling the AfrikaBurn website with inconsistencies, writing last minute newsletters or cobbling together AfrikaBurn infographics, posters, books, maps, t-shirts, stickers, etc.

His nickname is just an ironic spelli g mistake.

The Tim Doyle

Head of Communications, Infrastructure and Analytics (CIA)

Tim Doyle is an American television producer and television writer. His credits include Dinosaurs, Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, Ellen, Sports Night, Still Standing, The Big Bang Theory, Better Off Ted, Rules of Engagement, Last Man Standing, and creator of The Kids Are Alright.

Doyle grew up in Glendale, California. He is married to Ellen Svaco. They have one child together.

Jacqui Middlewick (Tiki)

Airspace Lead AKA Chief Lemon Squeezer

Jacqui is the volunteer responsible for the operations of airstrip. If you are lucky, you may glimpse her flying around semi naked on her broomstick year round between the moonlight and shadows. When summoned to the sunshine she wrangles volunteers, herds sparkle ponies, handling legalese and paperwork, lighting and securing airstrip, registering charter organisations, dodging propellers, publishing updates, collecting airport taxes, confiscating drones, chatting up pilots, helicopters, falling sausages, passengers and most importantly getting people out in emergency situations.

She is the go to person for people, pilots and planes wanting to fly high.

Esme Sullivan

Finance and Grants Coordinator

Antonia tries her utmost to keep the Junction Hotel Yard from being overrun with weeds and junk, she has some success in keeping AfrikaBurn’s janky fleet of donated vehicles running, and she can be found at times trying to spreadsheet, structure and systemize the various nefarious activities of DPW.

Aren't Pop-up Messages Annoying?

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