AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Creative Grants Policy

AfrikaBurn (AB) Creative Grants are intended to provide financial assistance towards enabling creative projects in Tankwa Town, to execute the creative intention of AfrikaBurn.

The AB Art Committee is a sub-committee of the AfrikaBurn Creative Projects and is accountable to it both for process (as set out in this policy and guidelines document) and for the expenditure of the Creative Grant fund. A minimum of two AB Members and one Director will sit on this committee in any given year.

The annual (AB) Creative Grant Fund is determined by the Members of AfrikaBurn, based primarily on funds available, and in line with the strategic approach to the development intentions of AfrikaBurn Creative Projects as decided or agreed upon in the annual Bosberaad or any other special members meeting. The funds are generated by the income from ticket sales from the AfrikaBurn event (although, at certain times there may be additional funds coming in from other sources – for example, external funding bodies and donations received).

The term ‘Artwork’ can be interpreted to include art, sculpture, performance, music, and mutant vehicles or art cars.

The Art Committee is mandated to award the Creative Grant Fund at their discretion utilizing the assessment methods and criteria detailed below.

The Board shall be advised of the pieces selected and the funding allocated, but approval by the BoD is not a requirement.

The Art Committee is mandated to spend a minimum towards the generation of artwork per year.

The proposed minimum amount is set at the preceding year’s grant pot amount (2018 : R800 000.00)

This minimum may change, at the discretion of the Board, depending on funds available, but it may not be reduced.

The Directors and/or Members may from time to time allocate more funds to the Creative Grant, depending on ticket sales.

The Art Committee may then award grants to an amount equaling the higher value offered, but they are not obligated to do so.

The Art Committee must award grants to the value of the set minimum.

This is at the discretion of the Art Committee, unless specifically advised by the Members. If such a situation arises, this must be done considering timing of the grant window period.

AB Creative Grants will fund only materials for the creation of art pieces and, where applicable, fuel to transport it to and from the site where the event takes place.

Labour will not be funded, and no artists’ fee will be paid.
We encourage making art out of waste, and making use of recycled material, reusable material, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

The AfrikaBurn Art Committee may, at their discretion, choose to award a Grant in full or to award a Partial Grant.

The AB Art Committee will ensure that proper financial reporting is followed in terms of the allocation process and the disbursement of grant money. This shall take the form of a written contract signed with each Artist and the AfrikaBurn organisation, and shall include the submission of all relevant receipts (to at least the value of the grant) to ensure financial compliance.


In the event of another entity approving a grant that will result in the project receiving more than 100% funding, AB will reduce its funding so that the total funded amount is 100% of the relevant project costs.

  • Where an applicant has an established and impeccable track record all or most of
    the funds may be awarded upfront.
  • For new applicants a percentage of the grant will be awarded upfront and the balance paid across after successful installation, thorough clear up, and full recon of grant expenditure (including original receipts on demand).
    The general percentage ratio to be applied is 70 / 30 (upfront/after).
    The AB Art Committee may increase or reduce the initial payment percentage at their discretion.
  • For successful applicants with a poor track record (including failure to properly remove the artwork from the site) the AB Art Committee can set the payment parameters at their discretion and may impose other requirements (e.g construction schedule).

All Creative Grant monies paid out to successful applicants are fully and immediately refundable if the applicant fails to complete and install the artwork.

Where this failure occurs due to circumstances beyond the control of the Artist, the AB Art Committee shall, at their discretion, determine the amount refundable (if any) and the date of payment of the refund.

The AB Art Committee may, at their discretion, reduce the final payment where the Artist has failed to completely remove the artwork from the site.

All Grants will be paid out through EFT transfers only.

It is the responsibility of the Artist to pay any taxes that may be owing on money awarded as a grant.

Artists awarded grants will need to sign a Contract – the Art / Theme Camp / Mutant Vehicle / Performance Registration forms part of this contract, along with a standard legal document drafted by a lawyer and approved by all on ArtCom.

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