AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Event Rules

AfrikaBurn is an event where (almost) anything goes, but you still need to be responsible for yourself, while ensuring you’re also not affecting anyone else’s experience. It can be a hard line to tread when everything is ‘trickster this’ and ‘fu*k your burn that’, which is why we’ve put together guidelines that will help you navigate (and get the most out of) Tankwa Town. 

Read through the list, and remember to check back as we get closer to the event! This page gets updated as we get closer…

  1. The Guiding Principles! Read these. 
  2. First-timer’s checklist. Worth a look if it’s your first time!
  3. Quaggapedia – which was once our Survival Guide. 
  4. Health and safety tips
  5. Privacy policy (and the POPIA Manual). For all your favourite POPIA questions.
  6. Website terms of use. Boring but important. 
  7. Cookie policy. Even more boring. 
  8. Artwork MOOP policy. For those who are building. 
  9. AfrikaBurn Sound policy. For those who are spinning. 
  10. Generator policy. For those with all the power. 
  11. eBike policy. For those who can’t go on their own steam. 
  12. Fire and Art safety guidelines. For those who are lighting their arts.
  13. Photography and Media guidelines. For those who shoot people. 
  14. And in case you didn’t arrive via the link in that doc/page, please check out the Event Disclaimer