AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Private Body Information Request


Please only fill out this form if you're requesting information on behalf of a private body or organisation.
(a) The particulars of the person who requests access to the record must be given below.
(b) The address and/or fax number in the Republic to which the information is to be sent must be given.
(c) Proof of the capacity in which the request is made will need to be established.

Particulars of Private Body

Particulars of person on whose behalf request is made

This section must be completed ONLY if a request for information is made on behalf of another person.

Particulars of record

(a) Provide full particulars of the record to which access is requested, including any specific details that are known to you (ie. Burner Bio details, Theme Camp name, filenames, etc.) to enable the record to be located.
(b) There's no limit to the amount of information you can request using this form, but you might find it easier to make multiple requests if you're looking for multiple pieces of information.


(a) A request for access to a record, other than a record containing personal information about yourself, will be processed only after a request fee has been paid.
(b) You will be notified of the amount required to be paid as the request fee.
(c) The fee payable for access to a record depends on the form in which access is required and the reasonable time required to search for and prepare a record.
(d) If you qualify for exemption of the payment of any fee, please state the reason for exemption.

Form of access to record

If you are prevented by a disability to read, view or listen to the record in the form of access provided for in 1 to 4 hereunder, state your disability and indicate in which form the record is required. Please note: Compliance with your request in the specified form may depend on the form in which the record is available. Additionally, access in the form requested may be refused in certain circumstances. In such a case you will be informed if access will be granted in another form.

Particulars of right to be exercised or protected

Notice of decision regarding request for access

You will be notified in writing whether your request has been approved/denied. If you wish to be informed in another manner, please specify the manner and provide the necessary particulars to enable compliance with your request.