AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

The Tankwa Disco Inferno

In the heart of the Tankwa Karoo, where the desert meets the mountains and the sky stretches endlessly, lies our forever home – Quaggafontein and Vaalfontein. It’s a space we dream, create, soar and slip; our pearl in an oyster – a place where the ordinary is left behind and the extraordinary thrives.

For years, the operations and membership of AfrikaBurn scoured the vast expanse of the Tankwa Karoo, seeking the perfect canvas for the event – a canvas that was wild, remote, secluded, and barren. They believed they found it in the rugged landscapes of Quaggafontein and Vaalfontein farms, where the horizon stretched for miles and civilisation seemed a distant memory. Little did they know, they would not be alone in this remote corner of the world.

Despite their best efforts to minimise their footprint and respect the local communities and wildlife, AfrikaBurn soon discovered that they had unexpected neighbours – not just the humans of the Tankwa, but also ostriches, gemsbok, zebra, and countless other creatures that called the Tankwa home. Their presence left an imprint on the land, and AfrikaBurn made a conscious effort to tread lightly to ensure that the desert would heal and return to its natural state in time.

But as the years passed, tensions rose, and it became clear that our efforts were not enough to keep everyone happy. The local community and the natural inhabitants of the Tankwa grew increasingly uncomfortable with the noise and disruption caused by the event. After much deliberation and soul-searching, AfrikaBurn made the difficult decision to dial down the volume and reduce all sound rigs to ‘Level 1’.

In an unexpected twist, however, this setback has paved the way (surprise) for innovation and creativity to shine. Collaborating with major sound camps, AfrikaBurn is announcing the birth of Africa’s largest silent disco. No longer bound by the constraints of traditional sound systems, participants are invited to don silent disco headsets and dance beneath the desert stars, creating a spectacle unlike any other.

As a result of this work, when you get to the gate in 2024, you can leave your ID/Passport and get a silent disco headset so you can rave until dawn. Or (even better), you can get an amazing AfrikaBurn branded headset for only R1999 via our Ticketing Provider (only available to Mayday ticket holders – obviously).

And so, as the sun sets over the Tankwa Karoo and the desert comes alive with the sound of silence, AfrikaBurn prepares to embark on a new chapter in its storied history. Join us as we make AfrikaBurn quiet again and dance beneath the desert sky in the grandest silent disco of all time. Let the music play on, in whispers and in whispers, as we come together to create magic in the desert once more.


Although we’re not all partnered up, branding headphones and planning to ruin your saturday evening cocktail soiree, we still think it’s not a bad idea to give more consideration to those around you – your near and far neighbours, the things of nature, and fellow participants. Remember that sound is the only gift that people do not have the choice but to receive, and thus, is the gift one should be most careful and considerate with.

Let’s keep AfrikaBurn considerate, and enjoy all the different desert sounds.

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