AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

AfrikaBurn visual arts residency programme

Tankwa Town sunset

AfrikaBurn is offering two young artists working in visual arts mediums, an opportunity of space and time to pursue research and creative work, with the financial support of a stipend for a four-month period. As the pilots of this inaugural process, the selected Artists will assist in developing the AfrikaBurn Arts Residency programme itself, with the AfrikaBurn team, as a work-based research and learning experience.

Coordinated by Art Bank of South Africa, and funded through the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme, the work-based learning programme is hosted at AfrikaBurn’s headquarters, at the Junction Hotel, Salt River, with a maximum two-week residency at Quaggafontein Farm, located in the Tankwa Karoo, two hours north of Ceres, in the Western Cape.

It is a unique chance to work and stay at the Homestead at Quaggafontein Farm, where Tankwa Town, the temporary city of art, plays host to the annual AfrikaBurn event. The Farm’s flora, fauna, heritage, expansive vistas, and dark starry skies are sources of inspiration.


Applications are open to emerging visual artists who: 

Hold a diploma or degree of NQF6 level or higher (preferably in visual arts).
Are between 18-35 years of age.
Are not currently benefiting from PESP4 funding through another project (this will be verified by Art Bank of South Africa).

Applicants who do not meet this criteria, unfortunately can’t be considered due to the parameters of the funding. We do have many other opportunities for all artists, please sign up to our newsletter for upcoming opportunities. 

An ideal applicant is:

Motivated, willing and able to work in a remote, isolated rural setting.
Also interested in assisting to develop a programme that others will benefit from in the future.
Able to work in a consultative, collaborative working environment with the AfrikaBurn team.
Familiar with Google Suite
Willing to roll up their sleeves and get hands on with a variety of tasks towards creating an Arts Residency Programme.
Keen to engage with and work within the ethos and guiding principles of AfrikaBurn

Application Overview

Applications to be submitted via email to [email protected] with a subject title: Visual Arts Residency Programme
Please submit an expression of interest or motivation, areas of research and art production; along with your CV, certified copy of ID, and proof of qualifications.
Applications are currently open, the deadline for submission is 31 August.
There are two Artist internships available in this pilot phase.
A collaboration of two artists can be applied for, but both applicants must meet the basic eligibility requirements. Artists who plan to collaborate during the residency must submit individual applications.
Selection is subject to Art Bank of South Africa approval
Interview – September.
Commencement – September.

Programme Overview

The AfrikaBurn Visual Arts Residency Programme is to commence in September 2023 and runs for four months in total.
A monthly stipend of R5700 (total stipend for the four months R22800) is available with a materials budget for creative work of R7500.
The programme is based at the Junction Hotel, Salt River for the duration, with a maximum period of 2 weeks at Quaggafontein
As the pilots of this project, Artists will work in open collaboration with the AfrikaBurn team and provide feedback and recommendations.
The programme offers the use of co-working space at Junction Hotel; and accommodation, working space and access to the farm at Quaggafontein Farm in the Tankwa Karoo.
Artists are financially responsible for their food, which they must purchase in advance, along with water for the duration of their stay at Quaggafontein.
Transportation assistance to and from Quaggafontein can be negotiated around AfrikaBurn’s operational imperatives.
Artists are required to be self-sufficient while on residency at Quaggafontein.
Artists will be expected to share evidence of progress and completion of the programme with the AfrikaBurn team and Art Bank of South Africa. This may include, but is not limited to: photographing and documenting work, and site visits at the Junction Hotel, Salt River.

Towards the end of the four month period, Artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their research work at the Junction Hotel.
The organisation hopes this process will encourage the Artists’ further participation in the AfrikaBurn creative community – including application to stage works at the annual AfrikaBurn event.

AfrikaBurn is the strategic driver of Burning Man culture in the Southern African region and plays a significant role in the arts and culture sector of South Africa. Most known for its flagship event in the Tankwa Karoo, as a public benefit organisation, AfrikaBurn is the human scaffold that helps a diverse creative community propel numerous arts and development projects.   

Art Bank logos

ArtBank of South Africa is based at the National Museum, an agency of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

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