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2020 Tickets: What Are Your Options?

The big bad curveball came at us all in late March – and since then, we’ve all had to navigate the challenges of a new normal in which our worlds have been turned upside down, and one in which certainty in any direction has been very thin on the ground. But sail we must, onward regardless – and in this new normal, when it comes to AfrikaBurn, that means two things. On the one hand whether our main annual event is held or not there are still costs that come with keeping our ship afloat, and on the other hand you, our community members that bought tickets to our now-cancelled 2020 event, need some certainty about what options we can provide you with in terms of the tickets you hold to our cancelled event.
And so we’re now coming to you with this update – and it’s one that’s taken some time to arrive at, for a variety of reasons. As explained in our announcements of April 1st and May 28th, much of the process to date has been outside of our control. Part of the process has been contesting the denial of the claim on the part of our insurer (who is based in the UK) – and the final outcome of that was that our claim was turned down. This means that we have reached the end of the line with the insurance company, and have subsequently turned to the UK Insurance Ombudsman to request a review, with a possible outcome that we may receive a ruling in our favour in some months’ time.
The reality now is that while there remains a chance that the UK Insurance Ombudsman might consider our claim favourably (and even if this decision is in our favour, it would amount to only a partial refund) it feels like a long shot at this point in the process – and now almost 5 months since our cancellation announcement, we’re determined to bring clarity and closure to the question of refunds, and come to you with the outline of our intentions to make good for those who seek it, as far as possible and that are feasible within the very difficult financial circumstances that AfrikaBurn is currently trying to navigate.
It’s important for all ticket holders to fully understand the timeframe and factors involved because the options below will only become possible once a final outcome has been received from the UK Insurance Ombudsman. A ruling could take 4-6 months, so we are anticipating a decision from them towards the end of the year. If this ruling is not in AfrikaBurn’s favour, we’re nevertheless committed to delivering to all who apply their preferred option as set out below.
If you were the purchaser of tickets to our cancelled 2020 event, you’ll receive an email from Quicket sent to the email address you used when you registered your account or bought the tickets, as well as an alert to your mobile phone number. Please check your email from Wednesday August 5th for the email from Quicket, which will provide you with a link to make your choice of option provided.
All options below will require an application, by the deadline of 5pm (SA time) Monday 17th August 2020.
What are your options as a ticket holder?
1) Consider your ticket fees a donation in order to help our organisation survive the challenges that we presently face.
Our organisation, and the events it hosts at which our community gathers, have both been seriously affected by the changes we all now face – but with your help, AfrikaBurn can continue to survive and provide a platform for creativity and collaboration, and also enable the social development work the organisation engages in. Choosing to take no action will ease the financial burden, and mean a greater amount of funding will be available for the staging of future events and community-related activities.
2) Apply to request a R500 discount coupon redeemable when purchasing a ticket to future AfrikaBurn events
This option allows you to receive a coupon that would provide you with a R500 discount on the price of a ticket to a future AfrikaBurn event. This would be redeemable against AfrikaBurn’s main annual event up until and including our 2024 event.

3) Apply to receive a R500 discount on a visit to our new event site, Quaggafontein, in the Tankwa Karoo outside of our event period.
Once the campsites are constructed (and lockdown regulations permit), members of our community will be able to visit and camp at our new location in the Tankwa Karoo – and in the process, get to know the new space that Tankwa Town will take place in at future events. The space is vast, beautiful and offers a first look at the place our events and community will call home once our main annual events start to take place there. If you choose this option, you would receive a discount of R500 off the cost of your camping experience at Quaggafontein.

4) Apply to receive a copy of Simon O’Callaghan’s photographic coffee table book ‘Burn: Into The Flames Of Burning Art’ (valued at R795)
This multiple-award-winning book is the first of its kind, and was published in 2018 featuring a wide range of the artworks and artists that have featured at AfrikaBurn events over the years. The book also includes portrait shots of 300+ burners, and essays, interviews and stories by a variety of long standing artists, theme camp and mutant vehicle crew members, as well as forewords by AfrikaBurn team members.
NOTE: Due to the weight and size of the book, copies must be collected from the AfrikaBurn offices in Salt River, Cape Town (regretfully, we’re not able to offer national/international shipping). Books are in limited supply, with 320 copies available for those who choose this option.
Q: How do I select the option I wish to choose?
A: To select the option you’d prefer, please check your inbox for a mail from Quicket, which will provide a link to make your selection of option. (please note: the deadline for applying for your choice of option is 5pm Monday 17th August 2020).
NOTE: the mail from our ticketing agent will be sent to the purchaser of the ticket/s – so if someone else bought your ticket for you, check with them that they have received the email from Quicket, and let them know what option you would like them to select on your behalf. Also, be sure to check your Spam and Junk email folders, in case the email went there due to inbox settings.
Q: What ticket categories would be able to redeem the discount coupon?
A: General Sale, New Horizon and MayDay ticket holders would be able to redeem their discount coupon against a ticket purchase up until and including the 2024 event.
Q. When will I get my discount coupon or book?
A: We are waiting on the outcome from the UK Ombud first, in hope that a partial refund can be achieved. Should the UK Ombud outcome not be favourable, we will issue the coupons and the book will become available when we have had final word, which is anticipated towards the end of the year.
Both books and discount coupons will be obtainable via an email, sent to all ticket purchasers, which will contain a code that can be used either at the ticket checkout (if selecting the discount coupon or a Quaggafontein booking) or as a printable ticket redeemable for a book at our HQ in Cape Town.
Q. What happens if the UK Ombudsman rules in AfrikaBurn’s favour?
A: This is the outcome we are still striving for as it would provide some relief for all ticket holders, yet it would only be a partial refund because there is a payment ceiling. Should the UK Insurance Ombudsman rule for a refund at an amount greater than the R500 coupon, AfrikaBurn will not issue the coupons for any options offered, as our community will be better compensated than is within AfrikaBurn’s means. Should the UK Ombudsman rule for a refund at an amount lesser than the R500 coupon, AfrikaBurn will provide a top up coupon to reach the total value of R500.
Q. Why is AfrikaBurn not committing to a coupon AND the potential partial refund via the UK Insurance Ombudsman’s ruling?
A: As always, our commitment to the community is to keep our future ticket prices as low as possible. We cannot foresee at this stage the financial impact of COVID-19 on various aspects of holding an event and it is with this in mind that we cannot offer both.
Q: How long is the discount coupon valid for?
A: The discount coupon will remain valid against ticket purchases for our main annual event up to and including 2024, and camping over the same period.
Q: How do I redeem my discount coupon?
A: On application, you will receive an email from our ticketing agent, Quicket, which will contain the code you would use when purchasing a future AfrikaBurn ticket. At the ticket checkout, you would apply this coupon code, and receive the discount on the ticket price.
Q: What about Subsidised Tickets, Artist Tickets and Anathi Tickets?
A: Subsidised Ticket holders would be entitled to automatically purchase a Subsidised Ticket for the next AfrikaBurn event and will not need to reapply. Artist Ticket holders please contact the Creative Portfolio as the ticket is linked to the Creative Grant, and Anathi tickets have already been refunded.
Q: What about Vehicle Pass reimbursements?
A: Our ticketing agent, Quicket, will contact Vehicle Pass holders directly via email with info on how to have their Vehicle Pass fee reimbursed.
Q. Why is AfrikaBurn offering a coupon to the value of R500?
A: Following deep and broad consultation within the organisation, this is the figure that AfrikaBurn believes is within its means and can enable future events to happen. The book does offer a greater value in kind.
Q: Why are full ticket fees not being reimbursed?
A: As per our previous announcements around the cancellation of our 2020 event, a significant amount of preparation for the event was already underway by the date on which we had to announce cancellation – and much of the preparation for our main annual event every year involves the payment of a wide range of services and suppliers well in advance of the event date, meaning that a large amount of the budget for our 2020 event was already spent and cannot be recouped.
Q: If I took out ticket insurance whilst purchasing my AfrikaBurn 2020 ticket/s, am I able to reclaim that fee?
A: The ticket insurance service is provided by a third party, Refund Protect, whose terms and conditions are not able to be adjusted by AfrikaBurn. To find out the options available to you as a purchaser of Refund Protect, you’re welcome to contact them via their website.
Q: How can I further support the AfrikaBurn movement during this challenging time?
A: There are a lot of ways in which you can support our plans: we have teams of volunteers tasked with creative problem solving, online event planning, Quaggafontein planning and plotting, and various other teams working on challenges that we’re facing right now as a community. We’re also hoping for financial support, as there are very real costs facing us, but very few certainties – so if you’re in a position to support us, you’re able to donate via Quicket, or contact us for more ways to assist. If you think there’s anything you can do or give that may help AfrikaBurn weather the storm, you can also get in touch here.

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