AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Volunteer Coordinator Needed

AfrikaBurn is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Volunteer Services Coordinator to oversee our volunteer portfolio in supporting VolCom (Volunteer Committee). This role is the linchpin in ensuring the integration and appreciation of volunteers that actualize the AfrikaBurn event and support the organisation in service of the AfrikaBurn community and its beneficiaries.

AfrikaBurn is the strategic driver of Burning Man culture in the Southern African region and plays a significant role in the arts and culture sector of South Africa. Most known for its flagship event in the Tankwa Karoo, as a public benefit organisation, AfrikaBurn is the human scaffold that helps a diverse creative community propel numerous arts and development projects.


The following are the key responsibilities of the Volunteer Services Coordinator role:

●  Design, implement and maintain systems to link willing and able volunteers to:
●  Art projects
●  Ad hoc task based and opportunities in operations
●  Volunteer Days
●  Monitoring and tracking participation
●  Ensure event sign ups/ shifts are created in accordance with operational requirements
●  Administrator shifts and log hours through VolCom

●  First responder on all volunteer related communication channels
●  Creating and implementing a communication plan (social media and monthly volunteer newsletters) to:
●  support volunteer engagement (Volunteer Days, Sign Ups, increase shifts uptake on site) in collaboration with the VolCom and Communications
●  Manage AB webpage to communicate upcoming volunteer opportunities
●  Capture and store visuals of volunteer activity
●  Identify and create new avenues for attracting and mobilising new community members as volunteers
●  Increasing the inclusiveness of volunteering at AfrikaBurn

Procurement – Supporting the volunteer run portfolios and sub teams
●  Source and procure the materials and equipment as requested
●  Managing the Volunteers budget and communicate to VolCom

Coordination – project manage key event functions
●  Internal communication and prioritisation of portfolio requirements and tasks to be completed at Volunteer Days
●  VolCom event arrangements
●  Maintain and update Volunteers asset inventory
●  Represent VolCom at meetings and site visits
●  MOOP Swoops/MOOP Parade in Tankwa Town
●  Collexodus (facilitate donations after the event)

Minimum Requirements
●  Drivers license (preferably own transport)
●  Experience in managing budgets
●  Previous experience working with volunteers is a must
●  Having participated or volunteered at AfrikaBurn
●  Experience working with multidisciplinary teams
●  Familiar with Google Suite/ Google Apps specifically Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, (or Microsoft Office – including Excel, Word, Powerpoint )
●  Able to communicate across many channels – Slack, What’sApp, email.

Traits (We value these highly)
●  Being a peoples person: collaborative and enthusiastic to work with others
●  Good communicator
●  Proactive about problem-solving and creating solutions
●  Attention to detail – methodical, efficient, and meticulous
●  Dynamic and able to work in a changing environment
●  Conscientious; a strong sense of duty and personal responsibility
●  Working within the AB ethos and toward the 11 guiding principles
●  Ideally living in or near to Salt River

●  Strong Leadership
●  Good Time management
●  Strong work ethic
●  Positive and motivated attitude
●  Strong administration

The Volunteer Services Coordinator position will require working four (4) days per week
Reports to: Executive Committee

Applications close: 25 November 2022
Interested? Mail [email protected]

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