AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Supplies! We updated the Suppliers Policy

AfrikaBurn from the air

We heard ya!

Feedback from the post-event survey pointed towards a noticeable upswing in facilitated camps – not necessarily Plug & Play, but certainly outside our culture and ethos. We have also observed that the increase in suppliers on site has had a negative impact on the community and the creativity of the event. The overarching theme of the policy is “Make AfrikaBurn Hard Again” because, as we know, the magic happens when we face challenges together, and these challenges very often exist to create the spaces where community is forged.

As with everything AfrikaBurn, this is an experiment. We do not expect to have thought of every single tiny detail, but we sincerely hope that we have managed to encapsulate the desire to re-centre our ethos and pave the way for creative solutions to come to life.

Please read all about it here!

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