AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

‘Hey, YOU!’ Burner Exchange

Do you like warm ocean breezes, palm trees in the moonlight, round-the-clock spa treatments, private villas, and champagne in crystal glasses? You do? Avert your eyes or close this page – this isn’t for you.
However, if the romantic hum of jigsaws turns you on, couch surfing floats your boat, and leaving your comfort zone, building cool shit and meeting incredible new people is more your flavour, then you’ve found nirvana!
The “Hey, YOU!” Burner Exchange Art Grant for 2016 is officially open for applications. Instigated in 2014 for the first time, past Exchanges have seen artists and Burners from both Lakes of Fire in the USA and AfrikaBurn flying both ways to share experience and represent their communities. In 2016, the programme is looking for one lucky artist who will be flown over to the Lakes of Fire regional Burn near Chicago, USA, which happens from June 15th – 19th.
So – how do you do this? First things first – you’ll need an art project. Not just any old slap-dash thing, mind you. You’re representing the AfrikaBurn community, so the onus is on candidates to take something kick-ass across the world to do our desert and community proud.
Before you wet your pants with excitement, hear this: this is NOT an all-expenses paid trip:  while airfare, visas, event ticket, and a few other bits and bobs will be covered, you will definitely need some spending cash in the USA. So, if you’re living in a tent behind your local supermarket, timing may not be right for you, this year anyway…
You’ll be hosted by some of the most awesome people on the planet, both in Chicago and at Lakes of Fire, and will get the opportunity to host a Burner from Lakes at AB2016. That’s an important part of it – you would need to be able to reciprocate by hosting the Lakes of Fire candidate here in  SA.
Did we mention you must have an art project? Hey, it’s an Art Grant after all. There will be workshop space provided over in the USA, and there’s a budget for your project. You will have limited time on that side so the ‘why, what, where, and how’ of your project will all be considered as part of the application. Are the materials readily available? Can it be made with standard powertools? How long will it take to make? Is it easy to transport? All the good stuff you would normally consider, but you already knew that, because this wouldn’t be your first rodeo!
If this all sounds like the best idea you never had, dust off the cobwebs, get those creative juices flowing, and mail Braai Bliksem right away:

[email protected]
Applications close April 8th, get cracking!

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