AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Quaggas Milk – the Ultimate EV

QuaggasMilk will be unlike any other mutant vehicle at AfrikaBurn.

We, the Darling Collective, envisage the first self-sustainable, electrically propelled mutant vehicle (a true EV) with batteries charged only using solar power – an EV Quagga for Quaggafontein.

No diesel fumes. No Petrol fumes. No generator noise…that is if all goes as planned.

With the Darlings Collective’s skills in solar energy, electrical engineering, and environmental sustainability, going EV for our mutant seemed a logical choice.

The search for a base vehicle for our EV was extensive. We looked far and wide – until we stumbled upon a vintage milk delivery truck (milkfloat) from the 1950s just a few blocks away from our home in Darling.


Like the Quagga that was hunted to extinction due to perceived competition with domesticated farm animals for food, milkfloats fell prey to modernisation and the perceived benefits of cheaper carbon-based fuels. Like all the other original EVs, milkfloats were phased out and sent to the dump. Little did the proponents of the carbon-based world economy know that those original vintage EVs were decades ahead of their time, just like Nikola Tesla. Long before Elon Musk dreamt of his Tesla EV, Morrison Elekticar designed and manufactures electric motors (dc) for propelling vehicles.

Our milkfloat was saved by the late Herman Oelsner, a renewable energy visionary and solar car enthusiast and designer. It lived in Herman’s shed in Darling with many other collectables for decades, alongside ‘Silver Fox’ his somewhat famous self-built solar racing car. We are privileged to now own Herman’s milkfloat and exited to share it with the AfrikaBurn community.

It still has an original 48 volt Morrison-Electricar motor fitted. A complete overhaul was done on the drive train, steering, wheel bearings and brakes – not an easy job working with vintage imperial parts and various old British standards. Newish old tyres were fitted. Steel work to fit modern batteries, solar panels, a bar fridge and an oval cuddle puddle for at least 10 burners on the load bead has been completed.

As the original speed controller had disappeared over the years, a new control unit and foot pedal had to be sourced and imported. All solenoids have been checked and serviced. Afterall, several key electrical components withstood the test of time – all around 70 years. Next is installing new 48 volt electrical system – cabling, switches, fuses, MPPT battery charger for the modern LiFeP04 batteries and linking all of this with solar panels and the original electric motor. A separate 12-volt electrical system, including a LiFeP04 battery will be installed for the driving lights, playing some tunes and to light up QuaggasMilk at night.

And all of that is to have a running mutant without diesel fumes and generator noise.

Then there is the mutation. Let’s just say we are working at mixing:
1) Milkman’s vintage electric delivery truck, 2) a previously extinct Quagga, 3) a Picasso painting, 4) modern batteries and solar panels, and 5) Batman’s cloak.

Will it work? We are certainly giving it our best shot and whatever lessons we learn along the way will be burned into the collective minds of the AfrikaBurn community for the future EV mutant enthusiasts to build on.

See you in the sand. You will recognise QuaggasMilk when you see it. Hitch a ride.


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  1. Awesome Build Incomming!
    We are also 100% electric this year☺️
    – Linda Lovelips, (Bubblass Edition)

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