AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Fundraiser Roundup 28 March 2013

We’re down to less than 40 days and things are getting busy in every corner of our community! Here’s the latest on what’s happening on the fundraiser front – from asses in aprons to cowboys and zebra’s – our people have got it going on and going down at a venue near you! Read on!

Sadly, THE FANCIFUL FETE has been cancelled due to venue troubles.

Get involved – help the MOOP Team make bags so we really do Leave No Trace!

The next bag-making party will be on Saturday, the 30th of March and we have the most lovely of materials to work with! Those of you that said you had a sewing machine, please bring it along. Also we need an iron please! I have cottons too, and hand sewing needles for odd bits.
And bring some lunch to share. Invite your friends – let’s have a bag party!
Where: Bijou, 178 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town.
When: 30th March, 10am onwards.
For more info, please contact Sonica our MOOP Lead on [email protected] / 083 212 4905

Asses in Aprons Sewing Party

Get your beautiful, rounded, firm, furry butts down to the Bijou for an evening of apron decoration in preparation for the first “Asses in Aprons” party at AfrikaBurn this year! Bring an apron and R40 and any specific materials you’d like to use. We’ll provide a few odds and ends, needles and thread, fabric and bits, music, and inspiration:) Make a new apron, customise an existing one, sew appendages on, let your creative juices flow all over your new onesie! We’ll gather around the Not So Virgin Mary at the Burn on Thursday. See you then, apron lovers!
When: Thursday the 28th of April 7pm
Where: The Bijou, 178 Lower Main Rd., Observatory

A Fundraiser party for The Noble Savages Cowboys and Indians theme camp!

Howdy doo and a cackle hootie hoo, arch those bows and spread them wings, its time to take off with the American eagles: watch them cowboys ride, and Indians hide (or just fall off their bikes)…soar through the dreams of the original reds, and gallop through the desert with the kings in chaps and hats. Join us as the mightiest of vendettas: cowboys VS Indians come together under Tipi’s and Dreamcatchers to hunt (each other. or you. or themselves, depending on the time of night) and laugh and drink, and burn a totem pole in a salutation to the burning Karoo days and twinkling nights. Adios Amigos. Muskets at dawn. One awesome line-up! This is the last day that every bar/club can open till 4am as the city of CT is bringing it down to 2am, So come jam till 4am for one last time with us.
If you going to AB, pop in and say Howdy or Ola…
When: 30 March 2013, doors open at 21:00
Where:  Fiction – Long Street, Cape Town
Entry: R40 before 11, R50 after

Camp Free WIFI – Judy’s Drive-In

Judy’s ready to rock, roll, boogie and flow as a roaming shaded fun-times-only dance floor but in order to get Judy all jazzled mcfunksticks we have some funds to raise. You are invited to JUDY’S DRIVE IN!
We will be screening 8 animated shorts.
*Space is limited – first come first served
*Hotdogs and veggiedogs
*Cuddle Puddles
We will also be selling R50 raffle tickets for our ridiculous raffle you stand a chance of winning. 
When: Sunday 31st March  – 6pm – 10pm
Where: Kloof Hill, Sommerseat Close, Higgovale:
R40 entrance
Raffle tickets:

“Easter Sunday Party”: another RAY AfrikaBurn 2013 Collective fundraiser

A party that incorporates lasers, smoke, visuals and DJs to create a sensory experience unlike any other – get a taste of what RAY will offer at AfrikaBurn 2013!
When: Sunday 31st March 9pm
Where: Zula Bar, 98 Long street, Cape Town.
Entry R40
On Facebook:

FIRESTARTER- A Pre-AfrikaBurn celebration.

Calling all dust worshippers, Tankwa tyrants, burning beauties and dancing dervishes. The countdown to AfrikaBurn picks up pace and so do we! Come and join us for another night of creative mayhem as we get the fire started and our engines revved.
Two dance floors bring you a delicious mix of booty shaking footstomping tunes. A Techno-house-electro-swing-breaks-disco-circus-Balkan-funk- mashup extravaganza!
When: Friday 5 April 8pm
Where: Mihouse, 36 Rogers Rd, Selby, Johannesburg
Entry: R80 pre-sale, R100 at the door.
Expression sessions & creation stations – test drive your costumes and dazzle us with your wild and crazy offerings! The more creative, the better – dress to express!
Proceeds go to the fabulous Grateful Heart Project:

AfrikaBurn Zebra Migration: join the herd (and be seen)!

Join the Tankwa Town migration and decorate your bicycle with a Zebrahead and join a mass stampede ride around the Binnekring.
The cost will be R110 each to cover materials.
What you get is a painted cardboard, that when folded becomes the Zebrahead and an attachment to your bicycle. We’ll help you fold the cardboard turn into a Zebrahead and attach it to your bike. At Tankwa Town, come and join a folding party to fold the cardboard into heads. Pimp up your own outfit to add to the spectacle. (EG: wear a hat, stripy socks, a wig….it’s up to you!)
Do you want to be part of the migration? Let me know how many you want.
We will need you to deposit money into our account before we place the order on the 5th April. I’ll message you account details. For more info, check out the event page on

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