AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Fundraiser Roundup 19 April 2013

Oh sweet dusty desertballs of desire, the pace has quickened and it’s frantic with fabulosity out there. Everything’s a-hustle in a bustle, but wait! There are still two whole weekend’s worth of last-minute fundraisers. Take a look, take a night off and support your friendly fundraisers – what goes around comes around, in Tankwa Town!



It’s a last minute fundraising triple-header for the ice-cold-beer-dispensing AfrikaBREW crew this weekend! Their goal is to raise enough money to take 1000 litres of ice-cold draught beer to gift to the citizens of Tankwa Town! First up is their Gender-Bending Pub Quiz on Friday, and then they’re having a daytime party on The Rooftop at 113 Loop Street and an afterparty at The SideShow on Mechau Street!

This pub quiz at the Wild Goose bar in Observatory and there’ll be many excellent prizes for not only the quiz winners, but also a whole bunch of spot-prizes…think Massage Gift Vouchers, a Magnum of Jordan Wine, LED light Braai Equipment, Six-Packs of Beer, a Colcachio’s Restaurant Voucher, Wallets, an SAB Brewery tour, pub snacks and a grand prize to the value of R600 for the winning group.
Groups of 4 will be organized upon arrival.
R40 per person: cash at the door!
When: Friday April 19th, 6:45pmWhere: Wild Goose Pub, corner of Lower Main Road and Norfolk Road, Observatory.
Dress code: Gender Bending… (those who fail to at least make an attempt at following the dress code will be fined R10 at the door).

Where: The Rooftop, 113 Loop Street, Cape Town
When: 1pm – 11pm
What: A a full range of beats ranging from deep house to minimal tech, prog psy, and electro, featuring ILLtastic, Pro-Bona, Billy Rivers, PlusMinus, and Bruce Willis

Where: The SideShow, 11 Mechau Street, Cape Town
When: 10pm onward
What: Das Kapital, Deliriant, and Hyphen and more
Damage: R40 before midnight, R60 after


It’s time to throw your toys out of the cot and join THE NAUGHTY CORNER!
Featuring beats from none other than..
DRESS: Who’s been a bad boy/girl?
BRING: A TOY to be donated to a good cause after the Burn.
TIME: 9pm
When: Friday 19 April 2013
Where: Butterfly Studio, 8 Bree Street
Damage: R50
Lotsa special drink specials!
All proceeds go to building and hosting the amazing Toy Box theme camp at AfrikaBurn 2013.
Facebook page
Contact info


Artist Daya Heller has an amazing piece which is seeking funding to bring it to life in the Tankwa. The sculptures form an installation of two slightly larger than life figures. one man and one woman. archetypes. facing each other. their skeletons are revealed. their faces are masks. between them is a biological heart on an arrow. They stand on steel circles raised off the ground. Their outer bodies are modelled in cement, their skeletons are worked in welded steel and their faces are sculpted in wax and cast in bronze.
Book one of 60 original signed photos of the completed artwork in its glory in the Tankwa, for R100 each, and contribute to raising the remaining funds needed for The Agreement’s realisation…
For info how to support this great artwork, click on over to the Facebook page:


As per last year, the Space Cowboys (at 2ish) will be throwing an event of galactic proportions gifting phat beats, cocktails and entertainment … and  this year promises to be monumental.  While we ultimately desire the never ending free flow of Pangalactic Gargle Blasters dished up by flaming barmen, we fear, with the increased numbers at this years burn, we may run dry of our precious rocket fuel.
If you feel the need for some hyperspace brain rewiring, and so desire, come gift a bottle of your favorite spirits and astro travel down to where the planets resonate with dusty love and the dimensions separate with earsplitting beats
…. remember to bring your own cups and leave no MOOP!


Pirate Radio ARRR (99.9 FM)
After filling patches of Tankwa Town with complete AfrikaBurn audio nonsense last year, Radio ARRR are taking to the air once more, bigger and better, on 99.9FM.
We also need to spread the AfrikaBurn sounds all around Tankwa town, so if you’ve got a radio then bring it along with you too and tune it to 99.9 FM. If you’ve got a spare old battery powered radio that you no longer use then can you pretty pretty please donate it to us so we can donate it to others at the burn?
Check out our website ( ) and find our Facebook page ( ) for updates and our schedule as it books up!

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