AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Help AfrikaBurn find its next non-executive astronauts

Bursting onto the scene, this wild child wowed us, unapologetically, with their crazy visions, unbridled energy and outright refusal to conform to society’s norms. They took us on a breakneck dusty ride under the guise of anarchy, to find ourselves and others doing a bunch of unthinkable things, quite well – actually.

Running before they could walk, they learnt that to live on the edge requires an edge – and with this came the realisation that not all rules necessarily need to be broken and that some kind of structure could take them further in life.

With a varied set of report cards collected over their formative years – from glowing accolades to being written off entirely – they entered their teenage years with a reputation preceding them, some solid lessons learnt and knowledge shared. Despite routine adolescent growing pains, moving into their own home has given them more options, a distinct sense of responsibility and an expanded outlook on life.

What our teenager needs right now is some fresh input. Mentorship and guidance from those with different perspectives, who’ve walked paths unfamiliar to our teenager, and who have a diversity of lived experiences. Importantly, our teenager needs support from those who can look beyond what they know them to be, and see their potential in the many opportunities available.  It takes a village to raise a child!

AfrikaBurn is calling for people to step up and out of their capsule for a three year stretch volunteering as Non Executive Directors to help guide the organisation towards its future. Non Executive Directors sit in the strategic sphere of the organisation and play a pivotal role in translating vision and philosophy into a game plan.

As the dust settles on the uncertainties of the past couple of years we are looking to the horizon, imaging the new opportunities and responsibilities afforded through the gift of Quaggafontein, and how we might stretch and challenge ourselves.

The organisation is seeking individuals with experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Cultural Activism
  • Environmental & Land Management
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources Management
  • Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Communications

With the following soft skills and attributes:

  • Independence
  • Strong ethics
  • Capability
  • Be self-reflective
  • Willing to challenge
  • Coaching ability
  • Curiosity
  • Patience
  • An understanding of South Africa’s cultural environment is advantageous.

Candidates should be comfortable committing an estimated 20 hours per month of their time in service to the organisation that propels the movement we know as AfrikaBurn. Afrika Burns Creative Projects is a registered non profit company and public benefit organisation with section 18A status. With a commitment to our cultural context, AfrikaBurn is driven to ensure that our decision making circles at all levels are inclusive and represent the diversity of South Africa.

The organisation is specifically encouraging women and people of colour to apply. 

If you’re motivated to support AfrikaBurn’s work in this way – and you have the relevant expertise – please send an email to [email protected] with your CV and a cover letter explaining your connection with AfrikaBurn (the event and, if applicable, the organisation) and why you believe you have the capacity and experience to serve on the Board.

Deadline for expression of interest is midnight 31 October 2022.  

Applicants who meet the criteria will be invited to complete the application pack (a written questionnaire, a VIA character assessment, and a letter of endorsement) and attend an interview in the third week of October.

Deadline to submit the full application pack is 7 November 2022.

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  1. Before anyone can ‘translate’ anything into any plan, basics need to be established. Benchmarks. From what little I have seen and experienced there is a reluctance to do so. Any mid-size enterprise requires revision and leadership as it translates to larger scale. Anarchy cannot work in models larger than a few hundred or low thousands. From what I have seen THIS — “Willing to challenge” is unacceptable to some admins and so things will plod along, ignoring the totality and milieu of this, ‘ AfrikaBurn is driven to ensure that our decision making circles at all levels are inclusive and represent the diversity of South Africa’. I would like to help guide the organization towards its future but would the organization really want my experience? Sadly I think not. I was instrumental in guiding the Argus Reach Out project and that shook the roots of society at the time. Reach Out was one of the events that accomplished its goal, that of changing SA. Look at the real demographic of AfricaBurn and then tell me why so much time and energy is wasted on discussions about various subjects when we totally ignore the almost 100% white attendance. Arguments about cultural appropriation vs the reality of the lack of actual multi cultural attendance! Painful.

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