AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Sex and the Burn

Man with horn image

There is often lots of sexual energy whirling about at AfrikaBurn … Anything can happen when you gather a bunch of free spirited people in a new environment.

So how to enjoy the vibe if you are new to this? Even if you’re an old hand? Figure out what you want. Actually think about it NOW. What are your boundaries, your definite NO areas? What would you LOVE to do? Are you looking for Love? Sex? Your wildest fantasies?

It’s quite possibly all there in Tankwa Town, but make sure the person across from you also wants the same thing. If they don’t, there may be plenty of others who do … find them and BE RESPECTFUL. Just because people are walking around naked does not necessarily mean they wish you were naked in a small enclosed space with them.

Learn to take NO for an answer, and don’t be afraid to use the “n” word yourself. NO can also be YOUR answer! Get plenty of rest, monitor your substance intake and hydrate. Top Tip: practice different ways of saying no, yes, more, stop, now, please and thank you – it can be a lot of fun!

Read more about consent at AfrikaBurn here.

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