AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

R.I.P Fella

Words & photos: Loki & Love Your Planet Crew


We pay our respects to a fallen comrade, through these words from the man himself and his crew, friends & family.

Ian ‘Fella’ MacDonald died tragically on 20th February in a vehicle accident. He leaves his wife Renee and their three children. Ian was a man of many facets, and one of those was being a true Burner, in words and action. He was a founding member of the Love Your Planet and Loki crews.
He was also a member of the Toastmaster Club, and had recently given a speech on what he termed ‘The Greatest Place On Earth’. His diary was found in the vehicle and in it, the words of his speech below. He had written his own eulogy.
Loki will not be at the Burn this year, as we collectively deal with our grief, but we will be back next year in honour to our friend. Please write your own tributes in the Temple this year if you knew Ian, or even shared a special moment with him out on the playa. 
R.I.P Fella. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…
Loki and LYP Crew
Excerpts from a Toastmasters speech given by Ian:
Burn Baby Burn
“Imagine a place of wild, raw beauty. A place of extremes – of heat and ice, of storms and stillness. A place of connection and kindness. A place where strangers look you in the eye… and smile. A place of dazzling creativity. A place of fire, fun and freedom. A parallel universe, yet one that feels like home. This place exists. My favourite place on earth. This is AfrikaBurn.
For one week of the year, something truly extraordinary occurs in the middle of the Tankwa Karoo. But how? The magic comes from 11 guiding principles that Burners are expected to adhere to. These include communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, decommodification, gifting, immediacy, radical self-reliance and self-expression.
So much effort goes into creating this incredible community. So much intention is invested, that when it all comes togethjer, it just explodes! Over the last 3 nights, the beautiful art works, temples, and structures are burnt to the ground – the transience and impermanence of life. And then, just like that, it is time to leave this Utopia and return to the default world.
Participating in AfrikaBurn is a transformative experience – it exposes people for who they really are. The best of humanity. It’s like a mirror being held up to one’s soul. It changes the way I see the world. It inspires me, moves me and fills me with love. I am rebooted, refreshed and revived. It is my way, my Utopia, my Home. That place exists. That place is AfrikaBurn.”
Our hearts and thoughts go out to Fella’s friends and family at this time.

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