AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

What’s News With Our Loos?

                                                                           Words: Princess Caralot / Photos: Robert Weinek

So what’s news with our loos?
After our last blogpost on Toilets we got some AMAZING ideas and feedback from you, our fabulous community (thanks to everyone that chipped in there) – and so we have some awesome updates to share with you about our new thrones.
This year we’re gonna have 192 throne units, 12 urinal units and 8 roll-in units for those participants whose legs aren’t built to navigate stairs (In a wheelchair? On crutches? Please mail [email protected] to chat about how can sort you a personal throne).

Afraid of the dark? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – because there’ll be 2 lights on each loo unit: one on the handrail to illuminate the stairs, and one on the chimney so you can see what you’re doing when inside. Naturally this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have your own lights with  you at night at all times – we still hope you’ll be lighting yourself like an Xmas tree to be visible at night – these are just there for an assist.
Speaking of chimneys… we’ve made them double the length they were before, so the smells waft away at a higher level and don’t go up our noses! Another adjustment we’re making to the chimneys is the addition of shade cloth netting over the end of the vents to keep the flies out… This is where you come in: in order to keep a closed system, we need a favour from every single participant on site – to keep flies out of the pot (and out of the bacteria + fly + you / your food = GI complaints equation) KEEP THE LID DOWN.

One thing we definitely don’t want to keep under wraps though is the news that for THE FIRST TIME EVER we wanna make lekker toilet art. You may have noticed from the picture at the top that our thrones are now dark grey – and the reason for that is that we’ve sealed them all around to protect the wood against the elements so they can be around for years to come. What this means for you though, is that they’re a perfect blank canvas… So bring your paints  & spraycans and stencils and your ideas and GO WILD! Tag ’em, paint a masterpiece, write some sage words of advice on the sides (“For a good time, call Camp Anvil ;)”) – we want YOU to make them your own!
If you want some inspiration, check out the Pimp Your Loo group out on the bookface right here to find other people that are about that loo pimp life. Shout out to Melanie Brummer for her initiative in this area, well played!
If you don’t feel up for toilet art though, the easiest way to pimp your loo is literally to leave it in the condition you would like to find it. Wipe the seat, make sure the loo rolls are in the bucket, close the lid and lock the doors behind you (we’ve also made the locks on the doors easier to operate, so we can avoid emergencies on the steps). Speaking of locked doors – our new Thrones will still enable you to have a view, if you want one (it’s up to you). Even better Loos With Views? Damn right!
Other safety measures we’re implementing are:

  • Additional stair rails for individual units (most of the loos this year will be in banks of four, but we acknowledge that those on their own may need a handle on both sides for participatory stability – so we’re working on that)



  • See the red corner box? That’s a hand sanitiser dispenser – and there’ll be one in EVERY SINGLE THRONE. Use it before and after you get down to business, because clean hands prevent germs spreading (and we all know what germs can do).

In summary…

  • We’re KAK excited for everyone to try out the new thrones!
  • They’re a work in progress, so if you have ideas or thoughts or suggestions EMAIL US! [email protected]
  • Feel free to make them  your own (although if you decide you want to make structural improvements onsite PLEASE check with DPW first)


To read more about the history of our toilets, and what led to us developing these units, head over to this previous post and check out the related links listed.

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