AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

We’re Planning A Field Trip…

[UPDATE: as of 21st January, plans for our Field Trip are on hold. To find out more,
including what plans we do have for the rest of this year, read up here, thanks]

In the beginning, there was nothing but a field of infinite possibility. Open space, quivering in anticipation. A blank slate. This field of potential beckons now, inviting the curious, the adventurous…. and your mates.
To explore: what would you change if you could begin again? Be more wild and free? More foolish? More caring? Wear sunscreen? Let’s find out when you join us on the Field Trip.

The ancient landscape of Quaggafontein bears traces of human transit. You’re invited to follow in their footsteps but leave even less trace. Field Trip is our first journey into an old new world – it’s an excursion into the unknown: lo-fi, lo-tech, primordial, beta test. An experiment.
Before the pandemic, there were default world aspects of AfrikaBurn’s main event that were starting to run away with us. This is our opportunity to reset, a chance to invent our own world anew, and adjust our course into the future, pregnant with possibility. Field Trip will not be a main annual AfrikaBurn event, as you may know it. There’ll be no Clan, no theme, no big sound stages, no multitudes of large theme camps – but there will be lekker people if you come, there’ll be coffee if you make it and tunes if you play it. There’ll be starlight chandeliers in a Karoo ballroom.
So we’re going back to the desert, back to basics and back to our roots. And we’re doing this together, to break new and find common ground – and you’re invited to bring your experiment with you, as we figure out the future together with the collective knowledge and experience we’ve grown and honed since 2007. Don’t bring all the bells and whistles – you won’t need a mega-project or massive camp for this excursion into the unknown; save your big dreams and plans for the future, when our main annual event can once again take shape in the usual manner.
There’ll be space. For all of us. And things being what they are, there’ll be space between us. Camps and crews will be allocated specific sites within the larger Quaggafontein space and spaces will be left between these. This is possible thanks to the vast size of Quaggafontein which can accommodate multiple ‘nodes’ of activity in distinct event areas, at safe and reasonable distance from each other to abide by legally prescribed limits and regulations intended to protect one and all.
Embrace the space. There’s plenty of room for your imagination to unfurl its wings, take glorious shape and sprint, bells clanging, for the horizon.
Let’s go on a Field Trip…

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