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Same desert, different do-ers

DPW Council Structure 2020

In 2019 the fantastic Helena Sheridan steeped down as DPW coordinator, leaving a vacuum in the leadership structure of our most important desert crew. This vacuum, as with all challenges, presented us with an opportunity to restructure and share the immense workload across a broader team. 
This new structure had enormous success in 2019, and the positive effects of spreading the workload was visible in many different aspects of our city (from the art toilets in the far reaches of the Binnekring, to the barrage of positive DPW experiences noted in our 2019 survey, to DPW helping out art crews on site) and we aim to continue leading DPW with the same structure for 2020. 
This amazing group of four will be your touch point to the desert build. You’ll be seeing them in the desert, at your build sites, in the offices and around all the events we host. So without further ado, here they are:

Krusty – Planning and Procurement officer

Kristy (aka Krusty) has been on DPW since 2015, where she started as a volunteer in the Kitchen Department and took over Budgeting and Procurement for DPW in 2017. She will be assisting the DPW Production Management and making sure we have the means and the plan to get Tankwa Town up and running. Need something done? Talk to Kristy.

Antonium – Manufacturing and Production Coordinator

Antonia (AKA Antonium) started her DPW career in 2013, and in 2018 stepped up to the plate as one of the leads of Carpentry (the portfolio that won the year!). Under her guidance the workshops were the most organised they have ever been and on the back of that her role has been expanded to overseeing all manufacturing and production. Need something made? Talk to Tona.

Lucky Luke – Pre and Post Event Site Cordinator

Luke (AKA Lucky Luke) is a production manager in the default world, and is bringing a wealth of valuable knowledge to the team. He’s been a deep participant at AfrikaBurn since 2012 starting off with theme camps (Love All Tennis Club, Scrabbled! and Stock Exchange) and in 2016 & 2017 was one of the site managers for the event (making sure that things ran smoothly under his watch). In 2018 Luke was onsite with DPW pre-show and continued as site manager for the event – he helped exponentially with keeping things on track and is an expert problem solver. He’ll be continuing in this role for 2020, as well as being on site for the breakdown! Got a problem? Need something organised? Luke’s your guy. 

Jemma-Moon Kruger – Human Resources Manager and Crew Welfare


In 2019, Cara Morris took on the momentous task of running Crew welfare and WASH. The foundation she laid will be built on by Jemma in 2020. Jemma has been a part of DPW since 2016. She originally worked in the kitchen, and in 2018, she took over Fluffing and Health and Safety. With Crew Welfare as her top priority, 2020 sees her joining the core crew and stepping into Princess Caralots shoes as your go-to for anything people-related. Have a question about what to expect? Want to apply to be a part of DPW? Site a little tougher than you expected? Get in touch with Jemma.

Everyone is looking forward to another year playing with cable-ties, power tools and duct tape in the desert.
Wishing you an exciting year ahead,
Your DPW Team

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