PLAY Poster 2017

A few months ago we sat down with a talented designer, to discuss plans for our 2017 event’s design elements. We do it every year, and each year presents a volunteer with the opportunity to tackle an interesting brief – and we’re really happy to say that for the year of Play, we have some amazing design coming, including a damn fine poster. It’s playful, it’s intricate, and it’s a blazing graphic that incorporates many of the elements that you’d be familiar with if you’ve ever spent time out in the desert.
Here it is, in glorious technicolour:

Looking for a hi-res download? Click the image and a PDF version will open up, which you can then download and print for yourself.
Thanks to Jeanne for her amazing work on this superb poster! You’ll be seeing more of this style as we roll out our 2017 event design elements like our Survival Guide, WTF Guide, armbands and more. 
If you’d like to see more of Jeanne’s work, head this way.
And, if you’d like to get a high-speed glimpse into the work that went into creating the poster you see above, check out this process timelapse video.

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