AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Director Applications: Open

We may not have made it to the dust this year, but you can be sure we will again, and in the meantime it is “business unusual” as we plow our energy into developing and driving projects that keep the fires burning and our creative community engaged. 
This is a challenging, interesting time for us: we have big hurdles to leap and huge potential to open up, so we’re calling for highly motivated, dedicated and suitably skilled individuals to join our Board of Directors.
Directors are responsible for the long-term sustainability of the organisation and its endeavours in the world. Suitable candidates are able to attend to their work on a weekly basis, and to meet on a monthly basis. They should have an estimated 20 hours per month to attend to the tasks the role takes on.
If you have the experience, skills and drive to support the organisation and the community it serves, please read this Fact Sheet and consider applying.
Afrika Burns Creative Projects is building a diverse and inclusive organisation and it is imperative that this is reflected in its Board. Candidates from all walks of life, backgrounds, skill sets, orientations and interests who meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply. We are actively seeking womxn of colour to balance the Board and contribute to enriching our collective voice as representatives of the AfrikaBurn community.
Details, and a contact email, for applications are on the Fact Sheet link above.
Please note: applications are open until Monday the 31st of August.

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