AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Creative Grants 2017

Every year, we send out a call for Creative Grant Applications – and every year, we get a flood of amazing projects that step up and request funding. We’re never able to fund all projects 100%, but spread the grant pot around so that support can be extended to as many projects as possible. And now, art lovers and dust fiends, we’re happy to provide the list of this year’s 25 Creative Grant projects awarded funding, with details of the projects.
Check out this year’s Creative Grant list right here:

Blow Me (by Flight of Fancy)
Play… not just here on earth, but reach up heavenwards. Our day to day work is demanding creatively, this is our chance to play, to create for the pure joy of it, to write on the skyline of Tankwa Town in great big dream bubbles.

Cavity Wall (by Ross Jenkin)
Cavity Wall is a permeable structural tapestry of notched pine slats. Following on from Beacon & Curtain Wall, this is the third piece in which I have attempted to use a simple construction logic and a singular main material unit. The burning of the structure is integral to the design allowing for a low impact no accellerant ignition toward its ultimate decay.
I would like to thank Andrew Cleveland for his input and support in realising this piece as well as those in the past. I would also like to thank AfrikaBurn/ers for their/your contribution and belief in the project. Bless you Build team 7_ Garth, Treve, Chesney, Andrew, Claire, Johann, Peter, Joao, Sebastian, Nicole, Lawrence.

Dial-A-Confession (by Lelie Hannam, Dan Tucker and James Hilton-Barber)
Need to get something off your chest? Itching to tell a stranger what you did last summer? Then head over to one of our phonebooths, and dial a confession! Situated on opposite sides of the Binnekring, and connected via telecommunication devices, you can have an anonymous conversation with a fellow burner and dispense your pearls of wisdom, or have said pearls dispensed to you. And, if you’re lucky, you may catch our resident psychiatrist who will pop in to one of the booths every now and then to dispense some perhaps more polished pearls. Call or be called: LET’S TALK!
hauptbahnhof-the-play-610x407-5554036 Automatic
Hauptbahnhof: The Play (by the Hauptbahnhof Crew)
Last year the Haupbahnhof Crew raised on dust a two-story train station. While the beards and the armpit jungles grew wildly, wood was meeting wood, hammers were nailing it into a skeleton, until the baby was born and cried it’s first ‘GONG!’. This year, the crew got even more diversified. Members from distant corners of this planet came together called by one main goal: to see those bones turn back into dust! But… right before it burns in holy fire, The Great Spirit, that’s all around and nowhere to be found, shall tell you the story of the mighty 11 principles… while shadows, magical creatures, superorganisms, villain, queen and harlequin shall stage the HAUPTBAHNHOF musically- theatrical PLAY.
p.s: Wanna play a game with us? C’mon, it’s fun! Under the left staircase, there’s a gift. It’s a box, open it! Seek and find what fun can bring!
makhulukhulu-610x297-3207923 Automatic
Makhulukhulu (by Sandile Radebe)
‘Makhulukhulu’ is a wooden geometric structure that aims to encourage spatial awareness through providing shade and protection from the wind in Tankwa town. The design of the totem is informed by ‘isibheqe sohlamvu’ iconography. ‘Isibheqe sohlamvu’ references symbolism found in Nguni material culture like beadworks, beer vessels, mural art and other elements to form a syllabic script. Using the shapes found in the script, I aim to build a geometric structure that represents a totem. The structure also has cylindrical components that represents ‘ingungu’ part of the script that are intended to create sound against the wind of the desert blowing into them.
The totem represents ancestry and heritage in general but uses my ancestry to signify this. As such heritage and ancestry is personal and direct which makes it important in the formation and conception of self. I aim to invoke introspection about this to the viewer through creating an experiential sense of the script by walking in and out or sitting inside the totem. This journey is aimed to extend to the physical space and thus serves to stimulate spatial awareness and pose questions about the function of space.
minikring-the-lilliput-of-the-burn-610x813-3871532 Automatic
MiniKring The Lilliput Of The Burn (by Paul Fletcher)
The MiniKring is the Lilliput of AfrikaBurn. Please bring along your mini burn (maximun height of 1 metre) to add to the Minikring on the Binnekring. Here you will see many famous art icons from the past burns. It is your chance to be part of an actual burn (but only in miniature). We have Subterrafuge, L2H2, the Rocket, the mini poof, the Trike, exploding long drops, Lizzy the T-Rex, the Tardis and many more.
ode-to-snowden-610x813-2966435 Automatic
Ode To Snowden (by Pretprojek)
Edward Snowden needs no introduction. The 3D print is a replica of an bust that was illegally erected in Fort Green Park, Brooklyn, New York City, called The Prison Ship Martyr’s Monument 2.0. The relevance of Snowden’s revelations has exiled him from the world at large, so we decided to include him in our real world. The medium is a plant cellulose derivative called polylactic acid (a biodegradable thermo plastic) and is made from renewable resources, printed on a 3D printer.
playing-with-fire-610x368-9219317 Automatic
Playing With Fire (by Kwanja Zoth’mlilo)
Who are we ? Kwanja Zoth’ Mlilo is an interdisciplinary artist collective that has come together in a creative journey to challenge itself through collaboration and space. It is the idea of a theatrical large scale sculpture coupled with magician performances, jazz, dance and many more. At the same time, working in seclusion, in an open space to transform it into something other than what it is a great opportunity. As much as artists collaborate most times, this scale presents an interesting and exciting challenge in terms of working with different groupings within different genres that will, at the same time share the same camp.
Playing With Fire toils and shapes anew ideas for new worlds.When fire flares across the landscape, a certain renewal is imminent. The scorching sun of the Karoo desert draws us back to a certain historical inclination, of the notion of a barren land; an uninhabitable land either cleansed by a wild fire or a rendition of the speculation that is global warming. It is what comes after the cleansing that becomes interesting. “Playing with fire” will be a sculptural piece for a burn. It is an interactive performance stage for subversive black music, screenings and performances.

Plays Gone Wild (by Pukka Theatre)
In a desert far, far away grown-ups go to play… but this year, the Pukka collective is making theatre go wild with the help of the ultimate players: kids! So, for the curious and the broody, “Mi nesta su Nesta”… Let’s make offstage magic: puppets, props and all. Incubating: Thurs, Fri, Sat @ 10am-5pm. Then watch the creatures come alive and go wild on the Saturday at sunset. Sign your kids up for the pre-Burn workshop on the 8th of April by sending an email to [email protected] We can work with 12 (primary school-aged) kids max at a time. Reach out to us in advance if you’d like to book a specific slot at the Burn.
potential-of-su-610x610-1604913 Automatic
Potential of SU (by Tank & The Gypsies)
Potential of SU is the third chapter of the life of Suzie, the original hanging sculpture that finds itself in an orb held by a Great Hand. The work is a dedication to creation, to grounding, to close friendship, to the sorts of connections created in shared spaces of productive intent that spiral into empowerment, betterment and inspiration. The hand, a signifier of a greater energy at work holds the potential of creative empowerment and signifies heartfelt integrity in love, creative endeavours shared and cross-global connection, void of ill-conceited capitalist intent.
sandy-bay-xl-610x407-6063559 Automatic
Sandy Bay XL (by Abrey & Co)
Sandybay XL is an oversized beach scene. To bring everyone back to childhood where they had to climb up onto beach chairs, and beach balls were bigger than they were. There will be an oversized beach umbrella with shade and two oversized beach chairs where your feet don’t touch the ground that 2 people can sit on together. As well as some other beach games. This is a great spot for chilling in the midday sun and for star gazing at night <3

SHELL (by Kyle Pratt, Carin Dickson, Artescape)
Shell is an expression of Beauty symbolising love & connectivity. A Golden spiral shell structure playing with geometry & light. Explore the inner core spiral staircase and catch a sunset. Or make sure to visit at night when it will be animated with sound activated LED’s and hosting some mutant vehicle parties.
skyhook-610x529-1863608 Automatic
Skyhook (by Skyhook)
Using simple materials of timber, fabric and string Skyhook invites you to build kites from traditional materials and rekindle the magic of wind power to lift (our eyes, spirits, skirts) heavenward. With an anchor in the sky, what new purpose can we explore with these old technologies? 1897–1905 were a pioneering age for utility kites for observation, advertising and meteorology that opened the way to powered flight. Let’s review the old designs of Eddy, Hargrave, Conyne & Cody and seek inspiration from the rich kite traditions of Asia and Polynesia to activate the Tankwa sky and ride the winds in search of inspiration.
superdry-610x293-2899377 Automatic
Super Dry (by Roelien Brink)
My sister gifted me a miniature Orca. I wrapped him in plastic and placed him in my Superdry handbag. Later, my horrified reflection flashed in the mirror as I tried to revive the poor creature. This was all a dream yet it speaks to the nature of humans. We take these animals out of their natural habitat and put them in aquariums for our entertainment. We sell plush toys to raise money for these animals’ habitats that we ourselves destroy. Superdry is a collection of life size plush Orca/s. Play with them, cool off and star gaze on them and make them your own. (Please visit the Super Dry project site to keep being involved after Afrikaburn 2017.)
temple-of-gratitude-610x407-2920860 Automatic
The Temple Of Gratitude (by Walter Böhmer & the Jozi Temple Crew)
The Temple of Gratitude is a space for reflection, for remembering those who are no longer with us, and for cultivating gratitude. Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for example, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants. Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and can increase our well-being and happiness by doing so. In addition, gratefulness — and especially expression of it to others — is associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy. Remember a marker to leave a message when you visit the temple.
the-illuminarium-610x407-6706579 Automatic
The Illuminarium (by The NowNow Tribe)
With sun blazed skin and dust whipped eyes, step inside the protective folds of The Illuminarium, where layers of cloth and wood spine, align along strong geometric lines, creating an oasis of calm, a place of relax and respite. As the sun dips to the horizon and the desert cools, a carousel of mystical shadows dance across south-afro-centric landscapes, spun into action by those curious playful souls that find themselves once again seeking refuge and haven from their nocturnal adventures under a star spangled sky.
the-mighty-megalodon-610x425-8701300 Automatic
The Mighty Megaladon (by James Robinson)
Imagining the great sharks of oceans past cruising under the desert floor. All you can see is its giant fin breaking the surface, reminding us of a time long gone…
theophany-610x343-4140428 Automatic
Theophany (The Memnoc Collective)
Theophany, which means the visible manifestation to humankind of a deity, is a fire tornado – a primal, Promethean archetype, transgressing the boundaries between the natural and artificial. Theophany presents a visual metaphor for our collective moral consciousness: a stable, self-organising system in constant evolution. It seeks to bridge the gap between revelatory, mystical and transcendent experience and reasoned, reflective, collaborative deliberation on our shared philosophical understanding.
the-organ-player-610x857-3957461 Automatic
The Organ Player (by Andy Wilding)
“The Organ Player” is a 9-meter rocket comprised of two sections of equal length, supported by cables like an FM tower. The top section is a bundle of 7 organ pipes that are tuned to the notes of the 7 Chakras, Bb Eb F# C G D A, where the A = 432hz (Crown Chakra). The lower section, which vaguely resembles the Lockheed Blackbird, is a wood burning turbine compressor to supply air for the organ. Performances will be Monday to Thursday at sunrise 7 am, and Wednesday to Sunday at sunset 7 pm. Spontaneous performances welcome!

The Rocking Ranch (by The Bucking Burners)
Growing old doesn’t have to mean growing up. Our paddock creatures come to life when your imagination takes the reins. Feel the wind in your hair. Back and forth; back and forth. Buck your worries and just PLAY! Be a cowboy or a knight; a dark desert rider or a fairy. There are no limits under the Tankwa sky. Come join the herd at “The Rocking Ranch”.
the-unicorn-610x813-1349664 Automatic
The Unicorn (by Simon Max Bannister)
A invitation of new and reclaimed timber. Ebony black stain, hex screws and coach bolts. Dedicated to Archan Tanner’s spirit. Inspired with love and guidance from the Chelsea Bun. Rising from the dusty howzit a gallant stead awaits your mount. The screws and wood have been waiting for this perfect fit. The calling of the wander love rider night slider. Love before you think. The ride is everything.
the-watering-hole-610x320-4884608 Automatic
The Watering Hole (by Collective Unconscious)
A heart beats against another heart; warm bodies pressed and bustling. Reflected in the water; many eyes gleam, noses steam, thirst is quenched. A shiver runs down a back as cool droplets spatter across the frenetic collective. It’s time to play. Here is a shady oasis to drink, to connect, to revitalise, to dance and to exist at peace with one’s natural states. The Watering Hole is sustaining, pragmatic and aesthetic – a dew harvester designed for the collection of clean drinking water. For the purpose of our transient Tankwa community, the space has been made in honour of the generosity and beauty of natural ecosystems; a tribute to the need for spirited revival alongside the spirits of the things that have burnt. In a tumultuous surging of thirst and hydration, of birth and of rebirth, we will play!
the-wheel-of-play-610x916-4947496 Automatic
The Wheel Of Play (by The Bread Bakers)
The Theme in 2017 is PLAY The interactive nature of the Ferris Wheel is certainly deemed to promote play A Ferris wheel is an item from the fond portion of the human memory bank. The Ferris Wheel relates instinctively to the 11 Guiding Principals of AfrikaBurn.
volstruis-paradys-610x343-2086020 Automatic
Volstruis Palys (by The Coop)
Legend has it that the Koi San of the Karoo used to commune with the Gods by spinning until they fell over from joyful dizziness (citation needed). These ancient people of the bush worshipped the mighty ostrich in awe of their super-sexy legs (seriously…citation needed). The Volstruis Paradys combines these ancient practices to bring you a merry-go-round to melt the heart of even the bravest bushburner. Come rediscover the childhood joy of spinning… spinning the night away under a blinking LED-lit nest! Prepare yourself for an egg-stravaganza… and no…we’re not yolking.
weathervane-ii-610x863-9715078 Automatic
Weathervane II (by Chip Snaddon)
A tapering tower of bundled sisal trunks, curved at its apex by the weight of two suspended grass orbs with long grass-stalk tails that act as weathervanes.

Yggdrasil The Tree Of Life (by Dream Yggdrasil Collective / Nix Davies & Agust Orn Helgason)
This tree is a profound statement of the fragile existence of abundance and beauty. It evokes an awareness of the value of time both in the unfathomable age that these magnificent trees can live to, 5000 years, and the mere moments we can take to destroy them. Yggdrasil, the giant baobab tree, is the perfect platform to create wonder and spark curiosity about how we may begin to write our legend, inspired by the majestic lives of trees. Yggdrasil is an ancient myth; let us initiate the birth of a new legend through the way we live our lives today, with others. This is going to be an incredibly powerful burn.

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