AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Coronavirus Advisory

Since mid-January, members of our team have been watching the Covid-19 outbreak closely, and have followed the development of the epidemic as it has become a public health concern in a growing number of countries worldwide.
Our team have noted that a case of coronavirus was confirmed in South Africa on March 5th by the Minister of Health, but at this stage there are no plans to cancel or postpone the AfrikaBurn 2020 event, and our team is monitoring the situation closely on a daily basis. In terms of preparations for this year’s event, our team is on track with planning the last burn that will be held at Stonehenge Private Reserve before our event moves to its new location at Quaggafontein in the Tankwa Karoo in 2021.
Our Medical, Emergency and Operations teams have plans in place that will come into action if required and in preparing these plans, our team are following the lead of the South African Department of Health, and the World Health Organisation’s best practice guidelines. Though we hope that these measures will not need to be employed, and in line with our ethos of civic responsibility, we as AfrikaBurn have a duty to forecast for all scenarios and be as prepared as possible.
If and when anything changes, announcements will be made across all of our channels.
For further info please see below our FAQ’s below:
In order to ensure that our community members remain safe and receive the best advice on what to do in case of contact with a person infected with coronavirus, and what to do before our event, we’re providing the following FAQ’s*, which contain guidelines in line with World Health Organisation advisories and the South African Department of Health’s latest bulletins.
Q: Will the AfrikaBurn event be affected by the Covid-19 outbreak?
A: At this stage there are no plans to cancel or postpone our 2020 event, and our team are proceeding as normal with plans. This is a developing situation, and our Medical and Emergency teams are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and have plans in place for all eventualities.
Q: What measures will be in place at the AfrikaBurn event, to contain or prevent the spread of Covid-19?
A: Our Medical and Emergency teams, which consist of highly qualified and experienced
medical practitioners and disaster management personnel, have plans and processes in
place that will be in effect on the ground at our event. These are informed by WHO and Department of Health advice and are designed to ensure that should any cases of Covid-19 be confirmed or suspected, action will be taken to ensure our community remains safe and anyone affected is given the appropriate care.
Q: Should I be traveling to the AfrikaBurn event, under the circumstances?
A: If you are located in a country which does have confirmed cases of the virus, your
government’s emergency guidelines, and those of the World Health Organisation, would
be the first thing to consider. We advise that you listen to your home country’s travel advisories, especially if you are feverish or sick and believe you could be infected.
Q: I come from a country which has confirmed Covid-19 cases of infection. What should I do, if I plan to come to the AfrikaBurn event?
A: If you’re coming from an affected area, you should self-monitor symptoms for 14
days, and follow the protocols of your destination country (South Africa). If possible, get tested.

Q: How can I avoid contracting Covid-19 (coronavirus)?

A: Engage in active infection prevention practices:
– wash your hands often, with soap and water (or hand sanitiser)
– avoid contact with anyone showing respiratory symptoms, or sneezing / coughing
– cover your mouth when coughing, and your nose when sneezing (use a tissue, or if not
available, sneeze or cough into your elbow, and throw tissues away immediately and
wash your hands afterward)

Q: What should I do if I have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, and suspect I have Covid-19?
A: If you exhibit symptoms that could indicate infection with Covid-19, you should seek medical care as early as possible, and share your travel history with your healthcare provider. In addition, you should also inform them if you have had close contact with a person with suspected or confirmed infection.

Q: I’m a South African citizen, am concerned that I might have been infected with the coronavirus and would like more information and advice. Who do I contact?
A: The South African Department of Health’s General Public Hotline Number is 0800 029 999 and operates 24/7.
If you’d like to more information about the coronavirus, take a look at these link:
WHO Africa’s Coronavirus website (contains mythbusters)
WHO’s real-time reporting platform, providing rolling updates on the coronavirus
*please note that due to the evolving nature of this situation, the advice provided here is subject to change. Please watch our channels for updates regarding this matter on our social media channels, in our newsletter and on our website.

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