AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

An App, an API, and Other Stories

So, as you’ll be able to tell, we’re making a large amount of headway in the Department Formerly Known as ICT. We’ve gotten ahead of ourselves and are now ready to offer access to the API for our Tribe system. In case you weren’t aware, Tribe’s the space where members of Collectives collaborate on their registered projects. If you haven’t used it yet, log into our site and nose around – it’s a growing community space where dreams are hatched and shared.
So, if you’ve got brilliant ideas for an AfrikaBurn App, a way to personalise the map, or you want to customise a WTF guide, then we’ve got good news for you!

AfrikaBurn’s API is live!

As we don’t want to publish Collectives’ amazing projects in advance, the data we have available for testing is the AfrikaBurn 2018 data, until 21 April 2018. If you need to test with this year’s data or need access to AfrikaBurn 2019’s data early, you will need to request it from the  [email protected] and enter an agreement to not publish early.
NB: As with all AfrikaBurn content, this API is limited to noncommercial and marketing free apps only.

Locations data from artwork and Theme Camp placement happens in March each year, so the data is only available from early April. This is linked to town planning, and can’t be moved earlier, which is also part of the reason we’re releasing historic data for you to test with. Though we do our best to make sure the data is correct, we can not guarantee things play out exactly the way we plan.
As there is no public internet connection on site, we can not guarantee that you will have live access to content (though we’d love to make a plan around this, and welcome any volunteers that would be available to assist with it). We also have an open mesh network on site that you can utilise to extend your concept, see here for more details. We plan to begin experimenting with a DNS server in January, but if you are experienced with the technical aspects of a DNS server, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Ultimately, if the DNS server is up and running you would also be able to build web-based apps that would not require that they are installed through the App Stores before arriving in the desert. Current HTML5 should allow you access to all the phone features like GPS, compass, motion sensors, etc.
NB: if you want your app listed in the WTF guide, you will need to register it as a Binnekring Event on the Tribe website. The communications team is also more than happy to push your app if you alert them to it. In addition, there are grants available for tech projects, which can also be applied for here. Please mail [email protected] to start the grant process. 
With all that said, and without further ado, the API and CSV links:
The API link for all projects on the current system:
(Currently only the 2018 and 2019 event details are listed. If you are a data wrangler with time on you hands, please help us wrangle in some of our historic projects)

Glossary of JSON details:

nid / ID
Type: integer
Unique content ID
type / Content type
Type: list
Type of registered project.

  • Artwork
  • Binnekring Events
  • Mutant Vehicles
  • Theme Camps

title / Title
Type: Text short
Projects name
field_collective / Collective
Type: Text short
The collective’s name that registered the project.
One collective can have multiple projects.
field_prj_wtf_short_copy / WTF short blurb
Type: Text long, multi-line
WTF Guide short blurb.
Only available from 15 April
field_prj_wtf_long / Long Blurb
Type: Text long, multi-line
WTF Guide short blurb.
Only available from 15 April
field_prj_wtf_planned / Planned activities list
Type: list
Planned events times, from check list.

  • Sunrise
  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Afternoon
  • Sunset
  • Evening
  • Night 7 till 11
  • Night 11 till 2
  • Night 2 till 6

field_prj_wtf_categories / Activity Types
Type: list

  • Adult
  • Care and Support
  • Family Friendly
  • Food / Drink
  • For the Kids
  • Game / Sport
  • Musical Collaboration
  • Party / Gathering
  • Ritual / Ceremony
  • Workshop / Class

field_prj_wtf_scheduled / Planned activities description
Type: Text long, multi-line
Text description of the projects activity plans
field_prj_wtf_image / Image
Type: image link
Link to the project image on
field_prj_gen_history / Year and name of previous projects
Type: Text long, multi-line
Text write up of historic projects run by the collective
field_prj_wtf_website / Website
Type: Multiple link field
Websites or social media pages of the project
field_prj_oth_relationship / Project associated
Type: Text long, multi line
Associate projects, and how they are associate.
field_prj_oth_associated / Associated
Type: Multiple Integers
unique id of associated projects if registered.
field_prj_brn_burning / Burn
Type: Boolean Yes / No
Is this project planing on burning?
field_prj_brn_time_adm / Burn Time
Type: Date time
Proposed burn time. Very likely to change on the day.
Only available from 15 April
field_prj_snd_sound / Sound
Type: Boolean Yes / No
Is this project planning on using sound.
field_prj_snd_level / Sound Level
Type: list
How loud do they plan on being.

  • Level 1 – Normal car stereo without sub woofers
  • Level 2 – Loud amplified sound
  • Level 3 – Large club or stadium size sound

field_prj_adm_latitude / Placement Location GPS – Latitude (GPS – Latitude)
Type: decimal up to 7 points.
Only available from 15 April
field_prj_adm_longitude / Placement Location GPS – Longitude (GPS – Longitude)
Type: decimal up to 7 points.

Feel free to contact the team on [email protected] with any queries. We’re here to help and enable you. 

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