AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Halala! to our Spark Grant recipients!

The inaugural Spark Grant call saw a total of 29 applications for grants of up to R5000. 11 projects (the very same number as our guiding principles) were selected by OutCom. We are pleased to announce the successful receipents:

The Bergie Bag Project

Bags of food, clothes and medical supplies to homeless people in Cape Town.


Aims to call people in a loving, fun and effective way to stop littering in open spaces and most importantly where they live, to create more consciousness around plastic waste, separation of waste, recycling and the consequences of littering not only on planet earth but the environments we live in – starting in eMfuleni.

Eastern Cape School Arts Project

The project in three phases will include tour in schools, workshops and school drama festival to introduce performing arts in rural areas of the Eastern Cape – Cofivamba and Tsomo.

The Equinox Trust

Equine Assisted Therapy – an innovative approach to professional counseling and skills development which uses horses to help participants address and resolve relational, behavioural, psychological and emotional issues- working with children from Home from Home, Cape Town.

Masi Creative Hub

A safe space that is created for children and youth of our community (Masiphumelele) in order for them to be encouraged through transformation and learning through art therapy. The project has results of good behavior and improvement in school work.

Ocean View Cycling Project

Repairs and sales of bicycles at reasonable cost, offering fun rides and bicycle mechanical training following the completion of a workshop and resource centre. Empowering our poverty stricken but capable society with a skill and contributing to green initiatives.

Open Mouth Kitchen

Fusing foraging, cooking, storytelling & poetry, with participants from our diverse communities, to create encounters between the segregated communities of the Cape Deep South.

Project Ripple

A series of informal, outdoor and spontaneous performances that take place in Muizenberg and Vrygrond during the Muizenberg Festival. Project Ripple aims to animate, populate, unite and activate our community’s public spaces with creative expression.

Segwashi School Garden

Aims to teach two students and two teachers about growing their own organic food, through the building of a nursery and hands on training. The final goal is to reduce the amount of food the parents and school has to fund at Segwashi Pre -Primary in Limpopo.

Sunday Kos Market

A youth-driven initiative that incorporates the resource-sharing values of a co-operative. Every first Sunday of the month, starting from August, the market will be held in the Mbekweni (Paarl) area.

Urban Resilience Initiative

A micro-enterprise for two local people to collect and resell recyclable materials, to upcycle reusable unwanted items and to feed current community veggie boxes with compost in Muizenberg, Vrygrond, Capricorn, Lakeside.

Outreach looks forward to following these 11 Sparks in the second half of 2017 and will post progress – so watch the blog for updates.

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