AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

2013 Theme – Archetypes

“An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water has flowed for centuries … the longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that the water will return to its old bed”   –  Jung

These are the symbolic stories, myths and legends that illustrate our relationship to a larger reality, a collective consciousness, the patterns of order that guide us all while giving greater meaning to our personal experiences.

For 6 years we have gathered in the desert and created a kind of alchemy that is hard to describe. What is it that we do in Tankwa Town?  That desert, the blank canvas, allows us a freedom and provides a crucible for us to forge a new world, and our selves within it.

We imagine, create, toil, survive, engage, and we burn shit. And even though it exhausts us, it also fills us.

Archetypes” contemplates the way in which the desert, and the environment we create, invite our more primal selves out to play. In 2013 it’s time to find your archetypal groove! Wake up your wild side. Dust off your dualities. Dig out the original blueprint. And bring up that deep intuitive wisdom.

Unleash your inner trickster, mother, wise old man, divine child, spirit. Your joker, jester, your king and your queen. Are you very  good? And are you very wicked? A dragon or dragon-slayer? Does your animus have an anima? Or are you pure spirit animal? Male, female, misfit, mermaid, rebel, angel, force of nature … bring the archetypes to life, to dance across the desert.

Make of the theme what you will, but whatever you plan on making or doing, make it spectacular! And if you plan to create a theme camp or build an artpiece or mutant vehicle, get in touch – the sooner you communicate your plan, the better it can fit into the wild tapestry of Tankwa Town!

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