AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

2012 Theme – Mirage

Each year AfrikaBurn has a different theme, proposed by members of the community. A big thank you to all who submitted their suggestions; the honours for 2012 went to Mariella Rossi.

Here’s her take on the theme:

Mirage – a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce an illusion of water, people, or objects. What is there? What is real? And what is pure imagination? Is this a mirror of ourselves? A shimmering reflection. Temporary, transient. We gather on that lively line where the hot earth meets an aloof sky, and this is where we dance, sing, rejoice. But come quick, for if you wait too long, by the time you get there, we may be gone.

Make of the theme what you will, but whatever you plan on making or doing, make it spectacular! And if you plan to create a theme camp or build an artpiece or mutant vehicleget in touch – the sooner you communicate your plan, the better it can fit into the wild tapestry of Tankwa Town!

Aren't Pop-up Messages Annoying?

Not as annoying as Viagogo and the other ticket tout companies that want to steal your hard-earned money.

If you're looking to buy AfrikaBurn tickets, please do not purchase from any website other than our Quicket Page.