AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Bio, Ticket & Registration Info

Hear that distant rumble? It’s the glorious sound of 9 800 participants eagerly plotting, planning, scheming and dreaming. Camps are meeting, artists are arting, performers are do-re-mi’ing and mutants are hacking their vehicles – and all of this adds up to a city of new and wonderful creations that will rise in the dust again come April 27th next year. It’s going to be wild, wonderful and wow, as always.

But before we all hit that long and dusty R355 once again, there’s the important business of getting projects registered and securing tickets – and for any of that to happen smoothly, you’ll need a Burner Bio. If you haven’t created one yet, start here.
Just a heads up: if you’re using Internet Explorer, we suggest switching to Firefox or Chrome to do the Questionnaire & Bio. Created one last time? You’re don’t need to do it all again: just log in using the email & username you used to create yours last time.

Ticketwise: if you’re part of a longstanding Theme Camp, Artwork, Performance or Mutant Vehicle crew, your project lead will be able to request an allocation of Creative Crew tickets as part of the project registration process. These allocations can also be requested by first-time projects, but just be aware that a very solid motivation’s required. Regardless of how you get tickets, you still need a Bio.

Want to register a Theme Camp, Artwork, Performance or Mutant Vehicle?

Great – we can’t wait to see what you have in store! Just know that in order to successfully submit a Theme Camp, Artwork, Performance or Mutant Vehicle registration – or a Creative Grant or Mutant Vehicle Grant application – you’d need to be logged into our site.
The reason why you need to be logged in? So our system can collect & connect all previous projects under your username. As time goes, the Bio will expand and enable you to add images, videos and details about their past participation. Eventually, it’ll become a social network for our community that will enable collaboration, conversations and cross-pollination.
Just so you know: you don’t HAVE to register your Theme Camp, Artwork or Performance – it’s simply that if you do, the info can be included in the event guide, and our team can assist you with technical advice and placement.
And Mutant Vehicles? Ah, well you see, those are a potential danger, considering they’re mobile chunks of metal, so those DO need to be registered with our Department of Mutant Vehicles, so we can make sure they’re safe to cruise. Nothing quite like being speared by a mobile barracuda to screw up your week. You can register Mutants here.

How To Find Registration & Application Forms?

Once logged in, use the Search bar (top right) to search for the keyword ‘Register’. That’ll show you a page with links to all registration forms. You can do the same for Creative Grants and Mutant Vehicle Grants, by searching for ‘Grant’.

PLEASE BE AWARE: deadlines for Creative and Mutant Vehicle Grants are DECEMBER 15th (and you must submit a project registration along with whatever you’re requesting a Grant for).
Alternatively, you can simply hover your cursor over ‘The Event’ tab above, and click on the ‘Participation’ page link, which will take you to a page where all registrations & applications links live. Once you’ve registered your (insert spectacular project here), the relevant team on our end will respond and continue the conversation.

Thanks for digging into this info – if you know campmates, friends or family who could use the tips and links here, practice Each One Teach One (which is our 11th principle – more on that here) and share this with them.

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