AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Ticket News

Already? Yep, and here’s why: since 2012, when we introduced the Direct Distribution Ticket system to acknowledge and support longstanding creative contributors, our ticketing timelines have moved forward to give our community more time to dream, plan, design and build (instead of fretting about tickets). In line with this, the number of DDTs has grown to meet the increasing number of projects crews that make up the population of Tankwa Town.
But what exactly does that mean? It means that more people understand that the magic is in the creating and building, not in pitching up & expecting a mystical ‘someone else’ to provide the entertainment & art. And that, folks, is a beautiful thing.
In summary: if you’ve brought & built projects in the dust before, look out for your DDT notification mails, which will be in your boxes soon. If you’ve never brought a project, and you’re looking to buy tickets for the 2018 event, heads up: getting a ticket will be easier if you bring a project.
Why? Because we build this thing together, and the work in our 2018 theme – ‘Working Title_______’ – starts now. Need more info on the theme? That’s right here.
If you’d rather wait for the General Sales to kick off, here’s the news on those: they’ll be limited to 48 hours this time round, and the dates of those sales are now up on our Tickets page. Prices aren’t quite pinned down yet (because budgeting is a long process) but they’ll be in the same region as 2017’s prices.
So…that’s ticket news for now. And project registrations? Are you interested in bringing a project? Perhaps already got one on the boil?
Fabulous – in case you weren’t aware, some new project planning and registrations tools have been added to your Burner Bio. Take a look at this article about Tribe and Collectives if you hadn’t already done that to get the lowdown. 

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