AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Field Trip: Update

Late last year, we announced that while there would not be a main annual AfrikaBurn event in 2021, we were planning an excursion to the desert that would be an experimental little gathering at our new home in the Tankwa Karoo, Quaggafontein. We were planning a Field Trip.

We opened up project registrations, ready to hit the ground running in January, and then the second wave of the rona came rolling round and with it a ban on events. And today, it remains unclear as to when we’ll be allowed to gather again.
So while the Field Trip described it on our communications is on hold until there’s more certainty, we’re a creative community that’s up for redefining everything – and we’re here to facilitate and enable. So, if your creative juices had already started flowing and you had a plan for Field Trip in the pipeline, hit us up and we’ll see how we can best facilitate your project within the confines of the law and our civic responsibility around COVID safety. 
The team is busy with preparations on Quaggafontein and you’re welcome to help. To find out how you could plug into the plans and activities that are happening over the coming months, head to this page on our Land website, and find the thing that suits your skills and interests.

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