AfrikaBurn 2023: 24 to 30 April

Decompression 2015!

Once again, as the seasons turn, we get another opportunity to gather again and share memories – and decompress! It’s a little later this year than last, due to it becoming quite a challenge to find a venue that can contain the sheer fabulosity of all of you in one place – but we’ve nailed down a venue, and yes, yebo, ja – it’s on for the 15th of August!
Will it be as wild and wonderful as our thing in the desert? But of course, because – just like Tankwa Town – it’s all created by you. It all starts at 12 midday, and ends around 12 midnight – hell, you could even call it a daycompression. Here’s what the day & night session features this time round:
Mutant Vehicles:
– Rommel
– +++ tbc
Film Screenings:
– Short clips
– artists are also invited to show their build & burn clips.
Got flicks? Please email [email protected]
Theme camp decor:
– Beach, Please will be beaching up a corner just for you
– Smoken Token’s dome will be in the house
– The NowNow Tree’s flags and pennants will drape and decorate
– The Purple Spanking Booth will roast your rear
– The Kissing Booth will offer opportunities to pucker up
– +++ tbc
‘Poppie Van Spookfontein’ by Herman Van Wyk (burn)
– ‘Love, Life and Everything Else’ by Werner Strauss
– ‘Mutant Studio Gallery’ by Dirk Pieters
– ‘Pipe Dreams Junior’ by Izan Greyling (sound art)
– +++ tbc
The Flamin’ Amazing Show
– Superfly (fire art)
The Flow Arts Commune of AfrikaBurn (fire show)
Music Hall
Your host and MC for the Temple of Rock is our very own The Right Irrelevant Bishop Loon with guest appearances from :
12:45 – 13:50 Ward 10
14:00 – 14:50 Fishwives
15:00 – 15:50 Martinique Matinino
16:00 – 16:30 Funkmaster Flash Cats
16:40 – 17:00 Bishop Loon and the Loonatics
17:10 – 18:00 Burn
18:10 – 19:00 Crimson House
19:10 – 20:00 The Rockerfellas
Indoor Sound System
12:30 – 2pm Samadhi
2-4pm Sol
4-6pm DJ Miss Creamer
6-8pm BamBeano
8-10pm Dusty Human
10-12 Jews For Techno
Silent Disco Channels
Channel 1
2-4 Apache
4-6 Spank
6-8 Loic 2D (Yes Please to the Temple of Rock)
8-10 Cat In The Hat
10-11 Hedmekanik
11 – close Unclepaul Holmes
Channel 2
2-4 Aanga
4-6 Iain Dallas
6-8 Eppelsauce
8-10 Moody Bloom
10-12 Django
Channel 3
2-4 Ben (
4-6 Wulfsohn (
6-8 Siren (
8-10 Juju
10-12 White Barry
Thank you to all who’ve stepped up to volunteer their time & musical skills! It’s safe to say all DJ slots are now filled.
Wanna get involved? Damn fine – hit these links:
Set up & Strike
Theme Camps
Coat Check & Lost & Found
Don’t fit into those categories, but still want to get involved? Email [email protected] and our crew will assist.
Get ’em right here.
Click the link above for presales via Quicket, otherwise it’s R150 on the door (and kids under 3 free, under 14: R50)
The German Club, Hope Street, Cape Town.

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