AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

Project & Grant Registrations & Tickets

So there you were, minding your business mulling over the theme for 2016 (it’s ‘X’ – check out the info on that here) and the next thing you know, someone chips in that “Hey – have you heard, AfrikaBurn’s project registrations are open earlier this year?” and you’re all like “WTF? It’s September only!”.

True story: as our event has progressed over (almost) ten years, so our team has realised that in order for you to have as much time as possible to dream, plan and create, it means that all the processes must start earlier. Thus, if you have a Theme Camp, Mutant Vehicle, Performance or Artwork planned for next year, here’s the word: you’re cleared for take-off, and can hit the relevant registration forms any time from….now!

If you’re ready to hit it right off the bat, here they all are:
Theme Camps
Mutant Vehicles

And as always, you’re welcome to apply for a grant, to fund a portion of your Artwork, Performance or Mutant needs:
Creative Grants
Mutant Vehicle Grants

Just a reminder: in order to successfully submit any registration form, you need to have a Burner Bio, and be logged into our site. Don’t have a Bio? No problem – get one here (and no, if you’ve already created on, you’re good to go – just log in and hit those forms).

By the way, if you hadn’t heard, it’s also entirely possible to have your project co-funded – by applying for funding from the Cape Town Carnival. Head to this link for on that.
p.s: if you’re thinking “But….but…but wait – we don’t have tickets yet!” – read on…


No, not the deadly poison employed to exterminate mosquitos – hell, no! DDT’s are Direct Distribution Tickets. As in, the tickets that are allocated to longstanding contributors who are the bedrock on which the magic of our experiment in community rests. You know – the tickets that acknowledge and honour the crews who, for years, have poured their blood, sweat and beers into creating the magic that makes Tankwa Town what it is. Those tickets.

They’ve been unleashed, as of earlier this week, so, if you’re part of a crew who’ve had projects (Theme Camps, Artworks, Mutants, Performance, all of that) in the past, we suggest you tap your project lead if you hadn’t already received a mail telling you that you’ve had a ticket for 2016 allocated – because they should have received a mail already from our team. And here’s the BIG NEWS:
Once you get your DDT allocation link, sit tight until October 22nd – that’s when they go on sale. And once the gate opens on that day, YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS TO USE YOUR LINK AND BUY YOUR TICKET.
If you don’t use your DDT ticket link within that window period, koobaai: it will lapse, and go into the General Sales ticket pot, as with previous years. So scan your mail, and if you don’t see a link, shout out to your project lead.
Which brings us to General Sales tickets…


Yep: as with project registrations and DDT allocations, our General Sale ticket deadlines have also been brought forward this year, by a month. Which means that General Sales tickets will kick off on NOVEMBER 6TH @ 12 NOON.
All other ticket info is as always on the Tickets page – and no, the exact prices haven’t been pinned down yet, but – in line with our commitment made 2 years ago to keep ticket prices as steady for as long as possible – we’re doing our best to make sure the increase for 2016 is only marginal. We expect to pin those numbers down in the next 2 weeks, so sit tight if General Sales is how you plan to get your ticket/s.
And yes, just like project registrations and like last year, you need a Burner Bio to buy tickets – but if you’ve already got one, you’re good to go, and don’t need to create a new one. (and pssst: if you entered the wrong name or ID / Passport number in the past, good news: soon you’ll be able to edit your Bio to correct any details).

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