AfrikaBurn 2024: 29 April to 5 May

2016 Mutant Vehicle Grants

They rock, they roll, they belch fire and they often serve the important role of transporting shitloads of people across the dust from one place to another. Yep, they’re Mutant Vehicles, and this is the 2016 crop of the projects funded by Mutant Vehicle Grants.


The Spirit Train 
Lobo is part wolf, part machine … and ALL HEART. An all-sensory beast of the dust, with sound and light his weapons, instinct his guiding force and beauty his charm. He roams the desert and summons the Spirit of those present to restore the balance the machines destroyed post-apocalypse…
By Michael Kennedy, But Corpaci and crew.


Deep Tankwa Dragon 
The Deep Tankwa Dragon is a large dragon with wings mounted on a 3-ton truck. The dragon has a steel frame and is covered in white fabric. The dragon will have fully a functioning wingspan of 14m x 3m and every time we move the wings will flap. The dragon is mounted quite high above the truck and from a distance it will look like the dragon is flying around the Binnekring, especially at night. We have a very good sound system and generator on board and our professional DJ’s will be playing anything from deep house, progressive house, melodic techno, psytrance and chillout from a stationary position from just before sunset until late every day.
By Hennie Bredenkamp and crew.


Buggy Nights
Buggy Nights is a seasoned Beach Buggy Burner with DJ headphones towing a love palace with a stripper pole, DJ decks, carpet and sultry curtains. Buggy Nights loves long walks on the playa, picking up strangers, multiple partners, music, impromptu parties (especially sunset parties and silent disco) and getting up to all kinds of mischief. She’s a bad girl…. She’ll be at Camp NOW before she heads out for prowls and parties so come for a visit and jump on her for a ride. She’ll head up the Leopard Mafia procession on Thursday and loves going tits out on Saturday.
By Tomer Doron and Camp NOW crew.


Moroccan Bug 
Helping you experience Morocco, bugs and all…
By Denver Leo from Camp G.B.U.


Burning Mail Postal Van 
Keep an eye out for the Burning Mail postal van on the Binnekring. Stop us if you wish to write a postcard (postcards and stamps provided) or ask us to deliver mail within Tankwa Town. We’ll do our best to find the recipient of your message.
By Craig Carter and Burning Mail crew.


Neo – The Red Pill 
You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Take a ride on Neo and discover the wonders of Tankwa Town…
By Andrew and Camp NeoHart crew.


The Chill Mobile 
Come ride with us on our ChillMobile as we transport you around Tankwa Town. By day we offer you a cool and comfortable ride in our shaded and misted ‘Transport of Delight’, while by night, you’ll have a safe, hop on-hop off trip around the Playa as you go from jol to jol. We’ll light the night for you!
By Dion Evert and Gavin Armstrong.

Nyaminyami is the Zambezi river god. With the body of a snake and a head of a fish. Nyaminyami will be a slow train that will swim its way around the playa from fish stop to fish stop. While giving slow rides we will distribute SASSI information and urban farming and aqua ponies propaganda. Nyaminyami is a train of closely linked carts made from 220l, drums on a lightweight chassis running on inflatable wheelbarrow wheels with mud/safety guards, each cart will weigh approximately 150kg with rider. The wheels will have “mud guards” and a safety skirt between segments. Carts will have a space of approximately 0.5m between them. Each cart will have a a canopy to block the worst sun off the riders. During the day the head and cart will leave a stream of bubbles and during the night be a lightshow.
By Felix and Manus Holm & crew.


Polar X-press
A mystical, mysterious glorious creature that shall demand attention. To awaken something within everyone. It encompasses much of the 2016 theme of X (including the X in it’s name), ­ death (of the natural world as it once was and, surely, human’s denial that we are a part of it), birth (of a change in human consciousness and for hope in the goodness of humankind). Imagine the surreal image of a polar bear, who, finding the Arctic ice caps melted has padded its way down south to the searing hot desert of the Tankwa Karoo and the AfrikaBurn in search of some chilled vibes.
By Sue O’Brien and crew.


A Theo Janssen-inspired four by three legged walking machine. The machine’s elegant locomotion leaves nothing but footprints behind, a metaphor for how humans should live as one within the world. The machine show cases how simple components can be put together in an ingenious way to create a complex and powerful machine.
By Lloyd Hughes and crew.


Tony ‘Lovebus’ Manero 
Tony “Lovebus” Manero is a mosaic mirror-ball bus who brings love and tunes to the Binnekring!
By Jaco Rossouw and the Everybody Love Everybody crew.


Keep a beady eye out for this monocular  psyber – creature , IT’S got it’s eye open for YOU .

Take a slither around Binnekring at snails-pace, of course, you never know what a snail might sniff out!
By Julian Tompkins and crew.


The No So Virgin Mary 
Rides around, music and dancing! I believe a tiny dancefloor is more fun than a big one, and the Virgin provides tiny dancefloors.
By Duncan Larkin.

Love Bunny 
The Love Bunny is a rescued mission on a rescue mission. Once unloved and abandoned, this 1970’s VW wreckage has undergone a radical transformation into a furry, fluffy, funky bunny, parading and sharing lovewherever she roves. Big bunny ears change colors throughout the hot magical nights: White meaning Bunny needs love, Red indicating Bunny is getting love. Enormous white ears, puffy cotton ball tail, Bunny drives the desert collecting lost souls in desperate search of a love overhaul. Inside her soft interior is connection, warmth, laughter and music, all the delicious delicacies of love in one warm fuzzy puddle.
By Goutam Dev from Camp NOW.

A modern take on Karoo transport. The most DANGEROUS mutant vehicle onsite, driven by a bunch of FIERCE looking TEDDY BEARS. Feel free to jump on, but only when we’re COMPLETELY STATIONARY! Otherwise, face the wrath of LittleBull, the creator and LOUDEST man on site!
By Peter Forbes from Camp Anvil.

Vuvalini, the magic carpet of sidecars – another creation of LittleBull of Camp Anvil!
By The Loudest Man On Site.

Miss Possum 
Miss Possum is a Victorian-era styled motorised tricycle. Built by LittleBull from Camp Anvil but piloted by his daughter: don’t mess with the Bulls!
By The Loudest Man On Site.

Buggalux will roaming and playing chill late afternoon and sunset music.
Giant smoke rings will be the position of Buggalux for sunset.
By Charl Bothma from Camp Anvil.

Boney is the fire starter, watch out for the fire bombs and smoke rings!
By Charl Bothma from Camp Anvil.

Candy Crush 
Psychedelic love bug, fur and groove gift, take a ride, enjoy the trip.
By Roger James and Franz Hollenbach.

An old favourite from the forge needing no introduction…
By Conrad Hicks from the Vuvustasie.

Loki – the mutant rhino and AfrikaBurn’s most mischievous mutant sound system returns for our 3rd year. We’re getting better… and better… and better! Expect our usual light and sound shenanigans plus eargasmic progressive trance, deep house, minimal techno, tech house and old school rave anthems delivered by the Loki DJs.
Loki says are you ready?
By Fraser Black and the crew from Camp Love Your Planet.

The-Third-LadyThis picture by Clifford Binedell

The Third Lady 
The Third Lady is a tame and gentle ladybug whose 2014 Burn journey was incomplete. She made it in 2015 and she’s back again for the X Burn. She’s looking as beautiful as ever. She’s easy on the eyes and always carries liquid supplies. She also sports photographic studio lighting – very exciting! Find her in the Binnekring serenading the beautiful burners, flapping her wings and sharing love, light & good hearty energy.
By Adam Duxbury.

That’s it for the 2016 round of Mutant funding folks – but of course, these are nowhere near the full complement of mobile artworks at this year’s event. There’ll be lots more – but please do remember, if you plan on bringing a Mutant ALL MUTANTS MUST BE REGISTERED BEFORE THEY ARRIVE ON SITE – or they will be grounded. And that would be kak.

So, to register yours, head this way. 

The deadline for Mutant Registration is March 14th. 

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